By Noah Kaufman
Updated March 06, 2015
© Everett Collection Inc / Alamy

Freshman college students across the country learn one important lesson even before classes begin, and that is about the dangers of beer goggles. But it turns out that a phenomenon we can only call reverse beer goggles is just as real. According to a study out of the University of Bristol in England, people look more attractive not only after you drink but also after they consume alcohol. The researchers photographed students before and after each one had a glass of wine. The team then showed those pictures to a group of sober folks who judged the students’ looks. Here's the crazy result: Judges consistently rated people who had consumed a glass of wine as more attractive.

The organizers suggest a few explanations for this, ranging from the fact that wine can give you rosier complexion (a sign of good health, and subconsciously, of attractiveness) to more subtle reasons like greater pupil dilation.

But before you start getting sauced in order to nail down a date, note that the study also makes a good case for drinking in moderation. While the sober judges found people more attractive after one drink, the same didn’t hold true as participants got drunk. According to senior researcher Marcus Munafo, “if they go on to consume more alcohol they are no longer rated as more attractive.”