Whether you're looking for seasonal dishes, vegetarian recipes or gourmet classics, our guide to recipes has you covered from breakfast through dessert (and plenty in between).

Our Favorite Recipes

Brussels Sprouts and Sweet Potato Hand Pies
Made with Lisa Ludwinski's Sister Pie All-Butter Pie Dough, the golden, crispy pastry encasing these savory hand pies shatters almost like a croissant. Lightly mashed sweet potatoes, Brussels sprouts, tangy sour cream, and aged cheddar make up the creamy-cheesy filling. It's a simple mixture, but it tastes like a handheld bite of Thanksgiving. If the Brussels sprouts are large, quarter them instead of halving.
Crispy Biscuit Crackers
Chef Carla Hall shared this recipe for turning leftover biscuits to make ridiculously crunchy crackers. Cut into thin slices and sprinkled with a dash of cayenne, they're a next-level addition to a cheeseboard.
Brandy Pecan Pie
Rating: Unrated
A blend of turbinado sugar, maple syrup, and honey makes for a pecan pie with a well-rounded sweetness. A dash of apple brandy adds a faint caramel apple flavor and brightens the nutty toasted pecans.
Apple Cheddar Rye Pie
Nutty rye flour and sharp cheddar cheese enrich buttery pie crust in this sweet-and-savory twist on classic apple pie. Tapioca starch thickens the filling, while keeping it clear and glossy.
Cranberry Crumble Pie
The cranberry compote's jammy texture holds the fruity filling together for this dessert, which presents a cranberry crumble in pie form. Plenty of warm spices in the filling help to balance the buttery crumble topping.
Sister Pie All-Butter Pie Dough
This versatile, all-butter pie dough has a delicate flake from higher-fat European-style butter. Developed by Sister Pie owner Lisa Ludwinski to pass directly to the hands of eager customers, these pies are intended to be baked in 9-inch disposable aluminum pie pans. If using slightly larger glass or ceramic pans, roll the pie dough a little wider, and increase the blind-baking time by a few minutes to ensure a crispy-bottom crust. Try the Cheddar Rye and Toasted Pecan variations for added depth of flavor (see Notes).

More Recipes

Sweet and Savory Grilled Pork Chops
The fragrant marinade for these pork chops both infuses the meat with tons of flavor and ensures that the rib-cut chops, which already have slightly more fat than a center-cut chop, remain tender and moist on the grill. The sugar in the marinade helps to create a beautiful dark golden brown crust with areas of light charring. Once the chops are on the grill, refrain from moving them around too often in order to allow grill marks to form. If you'd like, grill some asparagus and sliced sweet potatoes as well to round out your meal.
Sparkling Citrus-Pomegranate Sangria
A quick cinnamon-flavored simple syrup adds cozy notes to this tart sangria with fall flavors of pear, persimmon, and pomegranate. It's spiked with brandy and gets a lift from Lambrusco, a fizzy Italian red wine.

Feta-Stuffed Marinated Olives

Fragrant za'atar, a spice blend ubiquitous in Israel and across the Middle East, flavors these briny, feta-stuffed olives with its notes of thyme, marjoram, sumac, and sesame seeds. Lemon, chile, and parsley cut through the rich, herbaceous flavors, adding a bright freshness to these easy, bite-size appetizers.