In the north and northeast of Thailand, Laos and parts of Vietnam and southern China, long-grain sticky rice is the staple grain. When cooked, the opaque white, distinct grains are tender, slightly sweet and chewy but not gluey. Sticky rice is sometimes labeled "sweet rice" or "glutinous rice."To eat sticky rice the way the Thais do, pick up a clump, squeeze it gently into a ball and then dip it in sauce or use it as a scoop to pick up other foods. Delicious, Quick Side Dishes

Jeffrey Alford
Naomi Duguid
January 1997


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Makes 4 1/2 cups


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  • Put 2 cups of the rice in a large bowl and cover with 3 inches of cold water. Let soak for at least 8 and up to 24 hours.

  • Drain the rice and put it in a cheesecloth-lined steamer basket, Chinese steamer or large sieve. Set the steamer in a large saucepan over boiling water. Cover tightly and steam the rice for 25 minutes; the rice must be over, no in, the water. Be sure that the pan doesn't run dry; add water if necessary.

  • Put the rice in a basket or bowl; cover with a cloth to keep it warm and prevent it from drying out.