Smoky Eggplant-Ancho Spread


This spread gets a triple hit of smoky flavor from grilled eggplant, ancho chiles and smoked Spanish paprika.

Smoky Eggplant Ancho Spread
Photo: © Tina Rupp
Active Time:
15 mins
Total Time:
45 mins
makes 1 1/2 cups


  • One 12-ounce eggplant

  • 1/4 cup extra-virgin olive oil, plus more for rubbing

  • 2 ancho chiles

  • Boiling water

  • 1 teaspoon sweet smoked paprika

  • 1 teaspoon ground cumin

  • 1/2 tablespoon light brown sugar

  • Salt

  • Freshly ground pepper


  1. Light a grill. Rub the eggplant with olive oil and grill over high heat, turning occasionally, until the skin is charred and the eggplant is very tender, 20 minutes. Let the eggplant cool slightly, then scoop the flesh into a colander and let stand for 10 minutes to drain.

  2. Meanwhile, soak the chiles in boiling water until pliable, about 15 minutes. Drain them and discard the stems and seeds, then transfer the chiles to a blender. Add the eggplant, paprika, cumin, sugar and 1/4 cup of oil and puree. Season with salt and pepper.


One tablespoon: 28 cal, 3 gm fat, 0.4 gm sat fat, 2 gm carb, 1 gm fiber, 0 gm protein.

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