Justin Lavenue modeled this drink after Sancerre. To get the wine’s characteristic flintiness, he seasons the serving glass with smoke captured from ignited dried lemon peel and cinnamon-like cassia bark. The name of the drink, Pour Ma Gueule, is a French term used by vintners for wine that is so good that it should not be bottled for public consumption but saved for family and friends. Slideshow:  Gin CocktailsRecipe from Food & Wine Cocktails 2015 

Best New Mixologist Justin Lavenue
Justin Lavenue


Credit: © Lucas Allen

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5 mins
Makes 1


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  • In a mixing glass, combine the gin, vermouth, water, maraschino liqueur, verjus, bitters and absinthe. Fill the glass with ice and stir well.

  • In a ramekin, combine the cassia chips and dried lemon peel. Carefully light them with a long-handled match. The spices will start to smoke. Invert a white wine glass over the ramekin and allow the smoke to season the inside of the glass for 20 to 30 seconds.

  • Strain the drink into the prepared wineglass. Pinch the lemon and then the grapefruit twists over the drink and discard them.


Verjus, the tart juice pressed from unripe grapes, is available at specialty food stores. Cassia chips, cinnamon-flavored bark from Asia, are available from kalustyans.com.