Gorgonzola and Mâche Sandwiches (Tramezzini con Gorgonzola e Gallinella)

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  • 1/4 pound Italian Gorgonzola cheese, at room temperature

  • 3 tablespoons extra-virgin olive oil

  • 1/4 pound mâche (lamb's lettuce), roots trimmed, leaves washed and dried

  • 8 slices firm-textured white bread, crusts trimmed


  1. Put the Gorgonzola in a small bowl and break it into small pieces with a fork. Add the olive oil and mash until creamy.

  2. Put the mâche in a bowl. Add the creamed Gorgonzola, a little at a time, turning the leaves gently with a fork until evenly coated.

  3. Mound one-fourth of the mâche and Gorgonzola filling in the center of each of 4 slices of bread; top with the other slices. Position a sharp knife diagonally across the slice of bread; hold the bread down with your other hand so as not to flatten the filling and quickly slice the sandwich to produce two tramezzini.

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