At The Brooklyn Star in Williamsburg, bartender Carlos Victoria created a frothy, peach-infused riff on the Negroni for their popular slushy machine.  Before puréeing fresh summer peaches, Victoria throws them on the grill to concentrate flavors and caramelize the natural sugars, adding depth and a hint of smokiness. The drink is only available during peak peach season, but for a year-round shortcut, you could use frozen peaches in this blender adaption. Gin-phobic? Victoria suggests bourbon. “It works particularly well with the smoky grilled peaches,” he says. Slideshow: More Cocktail Recipes 

Carlos Victoria


© Carlos Victoria / @sunset_botanica

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  • Add to a blender. Once smooth, serve in a wine glass and top off with gin or bourbon. 



Optional: Add a couple drops of  Bitter Sunset Mango Supremo bitters from Sunset Botánica, Victoria’s own line of artisanal bitters used at The Brooklyn Star.