Rožata is one of Dubrovnik’s most famous dishes. There are similar dishes in Italy, France and Spain and everyone claims it as their own original recipe. For me though, there is only one original rožata (crème caramel) and it’s made in Dubrovnik. I still recall my Teta (Aunt) Mare from Get (an inner-city suburb in the town of Split) and her rožata. Somehow, every time we visited her she had a slice of this delicious dessert waiting for me. Now, whenever I make rožata (and that’s almost every day, since it’s on my restaurant’s menu), I remember Teta Mare and her perfect rožata.You will need eight 200 milliliters (7 fluid ounces) aluminium moulds, or one large mould. If you are using one single large mould, you will have to cut the rožata up when it has cooked and cooled.Excerpted with permission from Dalmatia by Ino Kuvačić, published by Hardie Grant Books May 2017, RRP $40.00 hardcover. Slideshow: More Dessert Recipes 

Ino Kuvačić


Credit: Chris Middleton and Ino Kuvačić

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  • In a freestanding electric mixer, beat the eggs and 180 grams (6 1/2 ounces) of the sugar until creamy and pale. Add the milk, lemon zest, maraschino and vanilla, and mix well.

  • In a saucepan, caramelise the remaining sugar and pour the caramel into the bottom of the moulds so it’s about 3 millimeters (1/8 inch) thick. Let the caramel cool.

  • Preheat the oven to 150ºC (300ºF).

  • Pour the milk and egg mixture into the moulds. Cook the rožata in a bain-marie – a large roasting tin filled with enough hot water to come halfway up the sides of the moulds – for about 40 minutes or until set. Be careful not to overcook the rožata – occasionally shake a mould to check if the mixture has set. It should be wobbly but still compact. Also, the mixture should not rise, it should only set.

  • Remove the rožata from the oven and transfer to the refrigerator for a few hours. Remove from the refrigerator and gently cut around the edges of the tin with a knife. Turn the rožata out onto a plate, and let the caramel liquid from the bottom of the mould fill the plate around the dessert. Serve the rožata chilled, topped with whipped cream, if using.