Dijon Vinaigrette


This is a fantastic basic vinaigrette recipe, ideal for salads, or drizzling over other dishes. Use it as a starting point, but keep in mind that you can easily customize it. For something more herbal; add up to a teaspoon of chopped thyme, tarragon, basil, lemon verbena, sorrel, oregano, or any other herb you have on hand. If you'd like a different acidic component, swap in lemon juice instead of using vinegar. A grating of lemon zest boosts the citrus flavor even further; and you can also try it with a mix of lemon with lime, grapefruit, or orange juice and zest. And while we most often think of using vinaigrette on salads, it's also a fantastic way to season meat, fish, or vegetables; simply spoon some on top after cooking, and let it rest for a couple of minutes so the flavors meld. Make a batch of this dressing at the beginning of the week, and you will always be ready to whip up a salad or give a boost of flavor to whatever you are cooking. More Salad Dressings

Dijon Vinaigrette
Photo: © Frances Janisch


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