Coriander Kale Chips

Spice ordinary kale chips with a dash of coriander. Slideshow: More Delicious Kale Recipes 

Coriander Kale Chips
Photo: © Ian Knauer
Active Time:
5 mins
Total Time:
20 mins


  • 1 bunch kale

  • 2 tablespoon extra-virgin olive oil

  • 1 tablespoon ground coriander

  • Kosher salt 

  • Freshly ground black pepper


  1. Preheat the oven to 275°F.

  2. Remove the ribs from the kale and place the leaves in a large bowl. Drizzle the kale with the oil, then sprinkle with the coriander, 1/2 teaspoon salt and 1/4 teaspoon pepper. Rub the oil into the leaves with your hands, evenly distributing the spices. Spread the kale out in an even layer on 2 baking sheets, then bake in the oven until crisp, about 15 minutes. Let the kale chips cool to room temperature and serve.

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