Eric Wolfinger
Active Time
Total Time
15 MIN
Serves : 6

This easy recipe by Basic Kitchen’s Robin Hollis is endlessly riff-able: The lightly sweet, nutty sesame sauce makes a great starting point for additions such as salmon, grilled chicken, a fried or boiled egg, or extra veggies. Lightly toast sesame seeds before using to release their aromatic oils.

How to Make It

Step 1    

Cut cucumber in half lengthwise; cut into 1/8-inch-thick half-moons. Set aside.

Step 2    

Prepare soba noodles according to package directions. Drain well, and toss with 1/4 cup sesame oil and salt; set aside.

Step 3    

Whisk together soy sauce, agave, rice vinegar, lime zest and juice, and remaining 2 tablespoons sesame oil in a small bowl until combined. Set aside.

Step 4    

Process white sesame seeds and tahini in a food processor until smooth, about 45 seconds. With food processor running, slowly drizzle in soy sauce mixture, processing until dressing is well combined, about 30 seconds.

Step 5    

Toss together noodles, soy sauce mixture, cucumber slices, and scallions in a large bowl until combined. Divide mixture evenly among 6 bowls. Garnish with sliced scallions and white and black sesame seeds.

Suggested Pairing

Earthy Verdicchio.

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