© Todd Porter & Diane Cu
Active Time
Total Time
45 MIN
Serves : 4

Marinating fried chicken in buttermilk makes it extra moist, juicy and delicious. Plus: More Chicken Recipes

How to Make It

Step 1    

Rinse the chicken and pat dry. In a large bowl combine the chicken and buttermilk and let soak for at least 1 hour in the refrigerator.

Step 2    

Remove the chicken from the buttermilk and season with salt and pepper to taste. Set aside.

Step 3    

In large bowl add the flour. Dredge the chicken on both sides, shaking of any excess flour. Set the coated pieces aside and repeat with the remaining chicken.

Step 4    

In a large pan or Dutch oven, add about 1 inch of oil and heat to 375°.

Step 5    

Cooking in small batches, gently place the chicken in the hot oil and fry on both sides until crispy and cooked through, 10 to 15 minutes on each side.

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