These elegant stuffed artichokes are from Erik Anderson, an F&W Best New Chef 2012. To make this dish vegetarian, simply swap vegetable stock for the chicken stock. Slideshow:  Artichokes 

October 2014


Credit: © Cedric Angeles

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50 mins
1 hr 30 mins




Braise the Artichokes
  • Fill a large bowl with water. Squeeze the juice from the halved lemon into the water and add the lemon halves to the bowl. Working with 1 artichoke at a time, peel off all of the dark green outer leaves. Using a large, sharp knife, cut off the leaves just above the heart, then scoop out the choke. Peel the heart and stem and add the artichoke to the water.

  • In a large, deep skillet, heat 1 tablespoon of the olive oil. Add the onion, carrot, celery and garlic and cook over moderate heat, stirring occasionally, until just softened, about 5 minutes. Add the stock, wine and the remaining 1/2 cup of olive oil and bring to a simmer. Add the peppercorns, artichoke hearts and a generous pinch of salt. Cover and braise the artichokes over moderately low heat, turning once, until just tender, about 15 minutes. Using a slotted spoon, transfer the artichoke hearts to a plate. Let cool completely, then cut off and finely chop the stems. Discard the braising liquid.

Make the Stuffing
  • Preheat the oven to 350°. Lightly oil a medium baking pan and arrange the artichoke hearts in it, cup side up. In a medium bowl, mix 1/2 cup of the panko with the chopped artichoke stems and the tomato, olives, garlic, oregano, marjoram, salt, pepper and 1 tablespoon of the Parmigiano. Gently stir in the beaten egg. In a small bowl, mix the remaining 2 tablespoons of panko with the remaining 1 tablespoon of Parmigiano. Spoon the stuffing into the artichoke hearts and top with the panko-cheese mixture and a drizzle of olive oil. Bake for about 25 minutes, until the artichokes are hot and browned on top. Transfer to plates and serve right away.

Make Ahead

The braised artichokes can be refrigerated overnight.