© Jody Horton
Active Time
Total Time
10 MIN
Serves : 8

Chef James Holmes of Olivia, in Austin, topped raw oysters with this sweet-savory sorbet before deciding it would make an excellent cocktail with Prosecco. A good-quality, store-bought raspberry sorbet is a fine shortcut.    More Sparkling Wine Cocktails  

How to Make It

Step 1    

In a large bowl, sprinkle the pepper all over the sorbet and fold it in with a rubber spatula. Cover and freeze for about 3 hours, until firm.

Step 2    

Chill 8 champagne saucers. Using a 1/2-ounce ice cream scoop, place 3 scoops of sorbet in each saucer. Pour about 1/3 cup of Prosecco into each saucer.

Make Ahead

The black pepper–raspberry sorbet can be frozen for up to 3 days.

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