Whether you're looking for seasonal dishes, vegetarian recipes or gourmet classics, our guide to recipes has you covered from breakfast through dessert (and plenty in between).

Our Favorite Recipes

Sweet Potato Cheesecake Empanadas
Puerto Rico and the American South intersect deliciously in this unique dessert empanada from Boricua Soul in Durham, North Carolina, which combines the flavors of marshmallow-topped sweet potato casserole with spiced pumpkin cheesecake, encasing it all in caramel-drizzled, crisp pastry. Thanks to the smart use of store-bought shortcuts like empanada wrappers and canned sweet potatoes, the creamy filling comes together in minutes.
Anu's Noodle Salad with Crunchy Fruit
A joyful romp of textures, Anu Mahendro's refreshing salad combines crisp bell pepper, juicy grapes, pineapple, chewy egg noodles, carrots, and fresh apples dressed with a homemade vinaigrette. While it's perfect paired with her husband Pawan's Fried Catfish Sandwiches with Cumin Slaw, it makes a grand addition to any potluck spread. To maintain the textures, serve it chilled. 
Pique (Puerto Rican–Style Hot Sauce)
This Puerto Rican hot sauce is made in-house at Boricua Soul, a Puerto Rican–Southern restaurant in Durham, North Carolina. The simple, fiery pepper vinegar condiment includes both jalapeño and habanero chiles for a more complex chile flavor. After you make this pique recipe, swirl it into a bowl of Vegan Collards, or add a spoonful over braised meats or anywhere else you like a hit of heat. 
Vegan Collard Greens
Collards are often cooked with a smoked ham hock to add a meaty, smoky flavor; this mildly spicy vegan collard greens recipe from Boricua Soul, a Puerto Rican–Southern restaurant in Durham, North Carolina, achieves the same depth of flavor with quality vegetable broth, adobo seasoning, and a hint of liquid smoke. Soak up the juices (potlikker) with cornbread, or drizzle over steamed rice. 
Pernil Mac and Cheese
Pernil, a Puerto Rican–style roast pork shoulder, is flavored with garlic, oregano, and sazón—a seasoning blend that includes coriander and annatto. At their Durham, North Carolina, restaurant Boricua Soul, Serena and Toriano Fredericks serve this garlicky pernil on top of a rich and creamy mac and cheese. Rubbing the seasoned garlic paste into the pork and letting it rest allows the flavors to penetrate deeply into the thick roast.
Sourdough Cookies
These richly spiced, chewy sourdough cookies are an excellent way to use excess sourdough starter or discard, which is never in short supply for habitual sourdough bakers. The trick to the cookie's bold character is using as many freshly ground spices as possible—their strong punchiness is pleasantly balanced by the rich flavor of the flours and unrefined sweeteners. A spice grinder is best for preparing whole spices into a fine powder for measuring, but a clean coffee mill works just as well. Using this combination of stone-ground spelt, rye, and buckwheat flours leads to a robust grain flavor, thick cookie, and slight chew. This is a thick, hefty dough; Sarah Owens sources heavy-duty vintage ice cream scoops to make portioning easier. For a stronger flavor and more tender crumb, ferment the dough in the refrigerator for up to 5 days before scooping and baking. 

More Recipes

Pescado con Sofrito 
In this recipe for Pescado con Sofrito, chef Katie Button uses an aromatic, slow-cooked sofrito to add vibrant flavors to an otherwise quick dinner of white wine-poached white fish fillets. Button often makes her sofrito – one of the foundations of Spanish cuisine – in advance, simmering tomatoes, onion, and garlic until they are thick, caramelized, and deeply flavorful. The key to a tasty sofrito is to use ripe tomatoes (any variety will do, making this a great way to use up overripe tomatoes). This recipe makes more sofrito than you need, but you can spoon the extra into an ice cube tray and freeze it until you can use it for another fish dinner, or to season a pot of stew, soup, or beans and rice.
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Each new year brings an opportunity to experiment in the kitchen. Maybe it's dedicating time to mastering a new technique, such as baking bread from scratch. Maybe it's finally, finally making that recipe you've had bookmarked for ages. Now that we're officially in 2022, our editors are talking about all of the dishes we're trying over the next 12 months, from Baked Alaska to crispy fried tofu. We ended up with a grand total of 17 delicious, definitely resolution-worthy recipes. Some editors have their eyes on warming soups, like Basque Garlic Soup and Sopa de Lima; others are going all-out with cheese and whipping up feta queso-topped nachos, a three-cheese (and crab-studded) macaroni gratin, and a cheese! curd! grilled! cheese! (Take a look at the recipe and you'll understand exactly why we're so excited.) We can't wait to fill our year with these satisfying meals—read on to find out how to make them all.
Chocolate French Crullers with Dried Raspberries and Fudge Glaze

From slinging s'mores at one of her The Baking Bean pop-ups to creating pastries for hot NYC spot Kimika to competing on popular cooking shows, there's never a dull moment for pastry chef Clarice Lam. Made with a classic choux dough, her French crullers are likewise full of personality, featuring a crunchy crust, an airy center, and a colorful topping of dried raspberries and fudge. Dip the chocolate crullers in the warmed fudge glaze so the dried raspberries stick for a sweet-tart topping that's as tasty as it is beautiful.