I've Baked 100+ Pies in These Glass Pyrex Pie Plates, and They Still Look as Good as New

A set of two is just $16 at Amazon.

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Pyrex 2-Piece Glass Pie Plate Set Tout

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The first thing I ever taught myself how to bake is pie. Apple, sour cherry, and key lime are my favorites. There is no doubt that my family experienced serious pie fatigue. But I mastered one of the most satisfying baked goods, and it's still my favorite thing to bake. 

Before I got started I had to buy myself pie plates. The first (and only) ones that I ever bought are the Pyrex 9.5-inch glass version, with a crimp design around the rim. Over the years, people have told me that ceramic, and even metal pie plates, perform better (and are easier to clean). But I don’t care what anyone else says. I’ll never give up on my Pyrex pie plates, and a set of two is only $16 on Amazon.

Pyrex 2-Piece Glass Pie Plate Set


To buy: Pyrex 2-Piece Glass Pie Plate Set, $16 on amazon.com

These pie dishes just don’t seem to age. They are astonishingly durable — in six years of use, not a scratch, dent, or chip has appeared on their surface. I love how heavy and sturdy the glass is in my hands (it just feels more expensive than it actually is), and it stands up with absolutely no issue in the oven. 

Typical clean up consists of scraping the leftover pie into a storage container, and then wiping the inside out with soap and water. For stuck on messes, all it takes is a quick soak in the sink before I rinse it off, but if you happen to be lucky enough to have a dishwasher, Pyrex is dishwasher-safe. 

Pyrex Glass Pie Dish

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One slightly frustrating aspect of baking a pie is that sometimes liquified sugar and fruit juice bubbles over and sticks to the rim of the pie dish, which burns in the oven and leaves behind unattractive brown spots. These pie plates are so easy to clean in this situation. Just use some hot water, soap, and gentle scrubbing to lift the stains away with a sponge. If you take good care of these pie plates they’ll last for years.

I love the size of this pie dish, too: It falls between the other two typical sizes — 9- and 10-inch. I have a big family and bake for them during the holidays, and the 9.5-inch size easily feeds eight people, with a couple slices leftover for me to eat the next day. No pie ends up going to waste. 

Lastly, while stoneware pie dishes tend to get lots of praise for their rustic charm, I love the look of these sleek, simple pie dishes. The glass looks sharp and clean, and they match everything else in my kitchen. As always, practical design that is built to last wins out over aesthetics in my kitchen. And these pie dishes do all the work of much more expensive versions at a surprisingly affordable price. 

If you’re looking for pie dishes that are nearly impervious to damage, and won’t need to be replaced for years, these glass Pyrex dishes are for you. A set of two is just $16, so grab them now and get to baking. 

At the time of publishing, the price was $16.

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