I Hate When Guac Goes Bad, so I Added This Genius Gadget to My Kitchen for Just $13

No more brown guac for me.

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PrepWorks by Progressive Fresh Guacamole Plastic Storage Container Tout

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Guacamole might be the greatest dip there is, and that’s coming from a Texan who frequently indulges in queso. Not only is guac delicious, there’s a certain freshness to it that makes it much more appealing. The only problem is, it doesn't stay fresh for long. 

If you’ve ever stored guacamole in your fridge, you know it can turn from tantalizing green to brown and disgusting in just a matter of hours. But I finally found a solution to this problem, a way to keep my guacamole fresh for up to three days. And it’s only $13 at Amazon

PrepWorks by Progressive Fresh Guacamole ProKeeper Plastic Kitchen Storage Container


To buy: Progressive PrepWorks Fresh Guacamole Keeper, $13 at amazon.com

The design of this gadget, which solves a problem we’ve all struggled with for years, is surprisingly simple. It’s a plastic bowl with an airtight lid. But make no mistake, it’s different from most food storage containers. Instead of snapping on, the lid pushes down into the container. This means that if the container is full, the lid will be somewhere near the top, but if there is only a little guac in there, the lid will push near the bottom. 

The jar itself has a 4-cup capacity, which the brand says can fit about four to five avocados worth of guacamole, and I found it could hold more like 6-cups of guacamole. It’s also dishwasher-safe, so when you’re done with your guacamole, you can pop it in the dishwasher for easy cleaning. 

The way it works is simple. By pushing down into the container, the lid creates pressure, releasing all the air inside of the container. In a way, it vacuum seals the guacamole, ensuring there is close to no oxygen inside the container. 

Because the lid doesn’t snap on, it’s not a good idea to flip this jar upside down. However it does serve its intended purpose well — it prevents the guacamole from oxidizing, and the taste remains fresh. 

Progressive Fresh Guacamole Storage Container

Food & Wine / Daniel Modlin

In order to use it, I created a mound with my guacamole, and then pressed the lid down on top of it. The guacamole spread out evenly, and only a little bit popped over the edge. But I found that it was easy to wipe clean with a napkin.

After about four days, I started to notice my guacamole turning brown. But I was fine with that: That’s much longer than my guacamole usually lasts. It is either bad within a day or completely eaten. 

But there’s one flaw worth noting. Do not, I repeat, do not put the lid on upside down. Because there is no way to grab the lid from the bottom, you’ll have to pry it out with a fork, which can be a real struggle. 

Other than that, though, this thing is pure magic. If you’re a guac lover, kiss brown guac goodbye, and add this $13 bowl to your kitchen today. 

At the time of publishing, the price was at $13.

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