This Clever Pod Saver Keeps Even the Most Delicate Herbs Fresh for Weeks, and This Set Is 30% Off

Snap it up for only $24.

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Prepara Herb Savor Pod 2.0


There’s nothing worse than going into the fridge to gather all of your ingredients for a recipe, and realizing the herbs you purchased are already limp, or are maybe even spoiled. Though herbs add brightness and freshness to some of our best dishes, they’re also extra delicate and don’t last as long as other produce. 

That’s why products like the Prepara Herb Savor Pod is a kitchen essential if you do a lot of from-scratch cooking. These nifty containers are designed to keep your herbs fresher for longer. And, you can snap up a set of three on sale for 30% off right now on Amazon. 

Prepara Herb Savor Pod 2.0


To buy: Prepara 3-Piece Herb Savor Pod Set, $24 (originally $35) at

The BPA-free plastic containers have a bubbly, tall tube shape, which is perfect for keeping your herbs standing upright for proper airflow. They’re roughly 11 inches tall and about 3 inches wide and deep. The herbs stay fresh thanks to the containers’ thoughtful design. There’s a clear door that opens outward to place the herbs inside stem down. It also has a compact opening that gives you access to a reservoir at the bottom to fill with water. 

So how does it work? The herbs soak up water from the stems, keeping them fresh inside your refrigerator for up to three weeks. Just replace the water every three to five days for the best results. Simply wash and dry herbs like basil, cilantro, parsley, tarragon, and rosemary, before placing them into the container. 

These pods have garnered over 4,100 perfect ratings on Amazon. “Best thing to ever happen to your herbs,” one reviewer wrote, adding “I bought green onions and they are still good three weeks later. I tell everyone I know about them.” 

“We love these! I will be buying more to give as gifts. They definitely have kept our herbs fresh longer and look aesthetically pleasing,” a second person added. And another user wrote, “This has been a game changer with our asparagus and fresh herbs. They last so much longer and stay crisp. I was throwing away too much and this has helped.”  

Snap this herb-saving hero up now while the set of three is on sale for just $24. All of your future dishes will thank you. 

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