The Most Popular Pie Recipes in Every State, According to Pinterest

In need of some holiday pie inspiration? See what fellow bakers in your state are making.

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It’s almost time to gather your seasonal ingredients, bust out the mixing bowls, and crank up the oven for a delicious holiday pie. But which pie will you be making? According to Pinterest, odds are, if you’re in the United States, there are apples involved. 

“Pinterest is a top destination for recipes, and Pinners like to plan early,” Swasti Sarna, the global director of data insights at Pinterest, says. “Searches for ‘holiday pie recipes’ are 70% greater than last year, and the top trends by state show that traditionally summer fruits like peach, cherry and lemon, are amongst the top trending for the holidays.” 

To come to its conclusion, the team at Pinterest analyzed U.S. state-by-state internal search data, specifically looking at searches in October, 2022 vs. October 2021. 

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According to Pinterest insights shared with Food & Wine, apple is the most popular ingredient, accounting for 36% of pie searches. Searches included terms like “apple pie filling,” which saw a 60% increase in searches in Alaska, alongside the term “canning apple pie filling,” which also saw massive search growth across states like Maine, Michigan, and Missouri, but especially in Minnesota, where it saw a 210% year-over-year increase in searches. 

See below for the most popular pie in your state:

Alaska: Apple pie filling

Alabama: Pecan pie cobbler

Arkansas: Key lime pie recipe

Arizona: Peach pie recipes

California: Berry pie recipe

Colorado: Peach pie recipes

Connecticut: Apple crumb pie recipe

Delaware: Dutch apple pie recipe

Florida: Pumpkin pie in a cup

Georgia: Blueberry pie recipe

Hawaii: Dutch apple pie recipe

Iowa: Dutch apple pie recipe

Idaho: Peach pie recipes

Illinois: Blueberry pie filling

Indiana: Sweet potato pie recipes

Kansas: Pumpkin pie with real pumpkin

Kentucky: Cushaw pie recipe

Louisiana: Lemon meringue pie recipe

Massachusetts: Blueberry pie recipe

Maryland: Dutch apple pie recipe

Maine: Dutch apple pie recipe

Michigan: Lemon meringue pie recipe

Minnesota: Lemon meringue pie recipe

Missouri: Peach pie recipes

Mississippi: Chocolate pie recipe

Montana: Pumpkin pie filling recipe

North Carolina: Chocolate pie recipe

North Dakota: Apple pie filling recipes

Nebraska: Pumpkin pie from scratch

New Hampshire: Dutch apple pie recipe

New Jersey: Dutch apple pie recipe

New Mexico: Pumpkin pie from scratch

Nevada: Dutch apple pie recipe

New York: Classic apple pie recipe

Ohio: Dutch apple pie recipe

Oklahoma: Lemon meringue pie recipe

Oregon: Banana cream pie recipe

Pennsylvania: Sweet potato pie recipes

Rhode Island: Dutch apple pie recipe

South Carolina: Lemon meringue pie recipe

South Dakota: Apple pie filling

Tennessee: Fudge pie recipe

Texas: Pecan cream pie recipe

Utah: Peach pie recipes

Virginia: Cherry pie filling recipes

Vermont: Apple pie filling recipes

Washington: Sweet potato pie recipes

Wisconsin: Cherry pie recipes

West Virginia: Peanut butter pie no bake

Wyoming: Apple pie filling

One more apple-centric hit of this year appears to be Dutch apple pie. The dish received a lot of love from Kentucky, with a 90% search increase in the term “Dutch apple pie recipe,” and in Nevada and New Hampshire, where it received an 80% search increase.

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