Build Your Gingerbread House Out of Pop-Tarts This Year and You Could Win $15,000

The breakfast pastry brand even has an edible Zillow listing to get you inspired.

PopTarts Gingerbread House

Courtesy of PopTarts

We all have our reasons for scrolling through Zillow, whether we're looking for a new place, putting our current home on the market, or just super curious about what our new neighbors' kitchen looks like.

If you've been clicking around the site lately, you might've stumbled on an interesting off-market listing. The two-story property has four bedrooms and two bathrooms — although the bathrooms use a toasted vanilla and chocolate color palette that make them look a little dated. The chocolate brown scheme appears again in the kitchen with its "custom frosted cookies and crème countertops," and the living areas have avant-garde wall-coverings that look a bit like chocolate syrup.

“Keen eyes will note the limited edition artwork on the delicious Frosted Gingerbread Pop-Tarts above the fireplace,” the listing reads. “In the bedroom upstairs, just beyond the beautifully restored Frosted Apple Fritter wallpaper, a sun-drenched reading nook looks out on all .0006 acres of property. All-in-all, this pastoral palace has to be seen — and tasted — to be believed.”

No, U.S. building standards haven't gotten significantly more bizarre — the Gingerbread Lodge is made entirely out of Pop-Tarts. It's also an example of the kind of gingerbread houses that the Pop-Tarts people think we could build with a few boxes of that particular breakfast pastry. (We really appreciate how much faith Pop-Tarts seems to put in our construction abilities.)

But for real: Pop-Tarts is encouraging everyone to sketch out some blueprints and assemble their best Pop-Tarts gingerbread houses this holiday season (using the newly available Gingerbread flavor, or any of your other faves). And they’re also giving away $15,000 to one lucky winner who posts a photo of their best Gingerbread build on Instagram or Twitter.

"Rather than building the same quaint, cookie-cutter gingerbread houses this year, we hope families will consider a crazy good renovation instead," Heidi Ray, the company’s Senior Director of Marketing said in a statement. "We are reintroducing Gingerbread Pop-Tarts to inspire a new era of gingerbread house building that's modern, memorable, and most importantly, delicious. We hope the added incentive of the $15K prize will get fans into the spirit, the Pop-Tarts way."

The company says that they hope that extra $15K will go towards the purchase price, the mortgage, or the rent on your real-life dream place — even if it doesn't have cookies and crème countertops.

To enter the contest, you just have to post a photo of your Pop-Tarts Gingerbread House on Twitter or Instagram, tag the @poptartsus account, and use the hashtag #GingerbreadPopTartEntry. If you don’t have any Pop-Tarts on hand, that’s cool too: you can use store-brand toaster pastries, or hand-draw or digitally draw a photo of what your Pop-Tarts Gingerbread place would look like. The contest is open to legal residents of the U.S. who are 13 or older (full contest rules can be found on the Pop-Tarts website).

If we don't pick up that five-figure prize, I guess we’ll just go back to wishfully scrolling through Zillow. That, or measuring how many Pop-Tarts it would take to tile a backsplash.

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