Pizza Hut Bringing Back Its Most Nostalgic Offering Yet

Get ready to shoot hoops again.

Pizza Hut Mini Basketballs and Big New Yorker Pizza

Courtesy of Pizza Hut

There are some things that hit right in the nostalgic heartstrings. Tamagotchis, Easy Mac instant mac and cheese, Blockbuster rentals, the Pizza Hut Book It! club. And while we can’t do the honor of delivering the news of a Book It! revival, we can make your day with something else from the beloved pizza chain. 

Hop on eBay, and you can find a ton of listings for Pizza Hut’s mini basketballs. Remember those fun days when the fast-casual restaurant would give away branded basketballs when you purchased certain meal combos? Some were themed to events (like the Final Four) or destinations, and every single one was a slightly quirky and unexpected delight. Pizza and basketball, who knew? And now, the basketballs are back.

In honor of March Madness, Pizza Hut is bringing back the fan-favorite program. Starting on March 14, fans can once again purchase the balls, which say “No One Out Pizzas The Hut,” from participating locations for $7.

Make the most of the moment and order the iconic Big New Yorker Pizza Box, also making a comeback from the '90s, with a special little design detail (also launching on March 14). Its packaging was designed to be folded into a basketball hoop and backboard. And while we won't hide from the fact that the fun box is the main draw, it houses a 16-inch New York-style pizza with six oversized, foldable slices with a crispy crust, sweet marinara sauce, Parmesan oregano seasoning, and your choice of toppings (we recommend pepperoni). Not a bad supplement for your basketball hoop pizza box.

If you really want to get into it, Pizza Hut will be hosting its own March Madness tournament with studio talent from Warner Bros. Discovery Sports and CBS Sports. This bracket-style competition will be played—you guessed it—entirely with the restaurant's mini basketballs. The reward? Bragging rights.

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