Perdue Made a Beer Specifically for Beer Can Chicken

The collaboration with Torch & Crown Brewing features pink peppercorn, rosemary, and thyme.

Perdue Beer Can Chicken Beer

Courtesy of Perdue

Making beer can chicken is pretty straightforward because, other than adding your preferred spices and seasonings, all you need is to stick a can of your go-to brew into a whole chicken and throw it on the grill. Perdue, the Maryland-based chicken producer, is trying to simplify the process even further by releasing their own beer designed especially for the cooking method.

The cleverly named Perdue Beer Can Chicken Beer was produced in collaboration with Manhattan’s Torch & Crown Brewing Company. The canned brew is a honey double-citrus summer ale which was brewed with a blend of citra hops, honey, lemon and orange puree, pink peppercorn, rosemary, sea salt, and thyme. 

“Beer can chicken has long been one of the most popular methods of grilling poultry, but we noticed a lack of consensus on what type of beer is best,”  Julie Lehman, Perdue’s Vice President of Marketing, said in a statement. “As the fresh chicken experts, we worked with our friends at Torch & Crown Brewing Company to settle the debate for once and all and make a beer that is expertly crafted to help backyard cooking enthusiasts prepare the ultimate beer can chicken.”

Those Beer Can Chicken Beers will be available to purchase exclusively through the Perdue website, starting at 9 a.m. EST on Monday, May 22. Each six-pack is priced at $14.99 plus shipping. (And, before you ask, yes, you could drink that beer while you’re waiting for the chicken to cook — or even while you’re waiting for a chicken-free delivery order to arrive.)

“As a company passionate about unique craft beers, we were so excited when Perdue approached us to collaborate on the perfect beer can chicken beer because of all the endless flavor opportunities,” Joe Correia, Torch & Crown Brewing Company’s co-founder and head brewer said. “We’re very happy with how the beer turned out as it perfectly balances both seasonal summer flavors and ingredients commonly found in chicken seasonings to help maximize the flavor of any Perdue grilled or smoked chicken.”

According to Perdue, we start Googling beer can chicken recipes in the weeks leading up to Memorial Day — which falls on Monday, May 29 this year — and that’s when those search numbers start to peak, too. The brand says that the “online conversation” around that cooking method has grown by almost 20% in the past year.

If you’re not part of those discussions yet, then at least this Perdue beer will give you something to talk about.

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