Tubular Pasta

Rigatoni, cannelloni and ziti are all tubular pastas, and taste great tossed in hearty tomato sauces, baked with lots of cheese or added to pasta salads. Rigatoni pairs perfectly with chickpeas, broccoli, lemon juice and garlic for a tasty dish anytime of year, while cannelloni stuffed with roasted carrots and butternut squash make for a delicious autumn dinner. We think ziti is best when baked with tomato sauce and plenty of ricotta, mozzarella and Parmesan cheeses. Whether you’re looking for a fast family-supper recipe or a light lunch idea, Food & Wine’s guide to tubular pasta has a recipe for every occasion.

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Bucatini is the New Black

All respect to the Roman original, but we love the ingenious riffs on bucatini popping up on menus from coast to coast. Here, four knockout variations from chefs who are reinventing the hollow noodle.

Garganelli with Roasted Carrots, Peppers and Lemony Yogurt

At New York City's iconic, reopened Union Square Cafe, chef Carmen Quagliata enhances his colorful vegetarian pasta with Greek yogurt. You can sub in lots of other vegetables, based on the season. Slideshow: Vegetarian Pasta

Preserved-Tomato Paccheri 

Rather than make conventional tomato sauce, Missy Robbins, chef at Brooklyn’s Lilia, uses her preserving skills to marinate tomatoes in a mix of garlic, spices, citrus and olive oil. The result is a supple, incredibly flavorful coating for the thick, tubular paccheri pasta. It’s also versatile enough to match with red or white wine. Robbins loves the high-toned aromatics of La Miraja’s Le Masche Barbera d’Asti, but the generous fruit of Manni Nössing’s Kerner, a white from Alto Adige, plays equally well with the preserved tomatoes. Slideshow: Ziti Recipes


Take your Rigatoni pasta to the next level with these amazing recipe ideas. Try baked rigatoni with spinach, ricotta, and fontina, Mario Batali's rigatoni all'amatriciana or rigatoni with pork ragù and fresh ricotta.