Macaroni is a kind of pasta shaped like narrow tubes, sometimes formed into elbows and used in mac and cheese. We especially love to use macaroni in pasta salads, whether it's a bacon and deviled egg version, a smoked salmon and spinach twist or a meal-worthy curried chicken and almond dish. Macaroni and cheese can also be made in so many different ways, and we love to add spinach, carrots, leeks and cauliflower to keep it interesting. Whether you're looking for a classic picnic side dish or a cheesy baked pasta dinner, Food & Wine's guide to macaroni has a recipe for every occasion.

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Rajas Con Crema Macaroni and Cheese
This quick stovetop mac and cheese is based on rajas con crema, a classic Mexican dish of roasted green chiles sautéed with onion and finished with cream. Canned green chiles make a fine shortcut in this case. Slideshow: More Macaroni and Cheese Recipes 
Macaroni with Summer Squash, Salami, and Ricotta Tomato Sauce
Sun-dried tomatoes add lots of flavor to the sauce. If you prefer zucchini, you can use it in place of the summer squash.Plus: More Pasta Recipes and Tips