Spiral Pasta

Spiral pastas like fusilli, gemelli, cavatappi and rotini are perfect in all kinds of sauces, from simple pesto to hearty ragù. We love them in pasta salads tossed with vegetables, or stirred into winter soups. Corkscrew-shaped cavatappicavatappi is the ideal pasta for Tex-Mex ingredients such as chorizo, black beans and chile powder; gemelligemelli is a beautiful canvas for a summery peach, tomato and pork ragù; and fusillifusilli scoops up the creamy Parmesan cheese sauce in this garlicky artichoke dish. Whether you're looking for easy dinner ideas or new ways to use spiral pastas, Food & Wine's guide has a recipe for any occasion.

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Curly Pasta with Fresh Figs and Pancetta
At Café Altro Paradiso in Manhattan, chef Ignacio Mattos specializes in simple but unconventional dishes. Case in point is this pasta, made with fresh figs and crispy, savory pancetta and dressed with a sauce spiked with vin santo to pull it all together.Slideshow: Fig Recipes
Busiate with Brussels Sprouts, Mint and Two Cheeses
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Lemon zest, mint, black pepper and crushed red pepper all punch up the flavors of this vegetarian pasta from Ignacio Mattos of Café Altro Paradiso in New York City. To pair, Thomas Carter suggests the ultra-minerally Pietramarina white, from Benanti on Sicily’s Mount Etna.Slideshow: Spaghetti Recipes
Try a few of our favorite pasta dishes featuring gemelli that are as delicious as they are easy to make. Recipes include gemelli with sweet sausage and spinach and gemelli with shrimp and green peppercorns
Vegetarian Pasta Dishes
These pasta dishes are packed with healthy vegetables that offer additional flavors to the already-delicious pasta. Browse through to find out how to make a classic penne with roasted cherry tomato sauce dish, spaghetti with mushroom Bolognese, garlicky cremini pasta with parsley and more.
Fusilli with Summer Tomato Sauce
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For this light, uncooked sauce, you must have perfectly ripe tomatoes. Be sure they're at room temperature, too, not cold. In fact, tomatoes shouldn't be refrigerated at all; chilling permanently reduces their flavor.Plus: More Pasta Recipes and TipsRecipe from: Quick From Scratch Pasta Cookbook
These great recipes for fusilli include Mario Batali's superb ragù, a creamy tomato sauce made with ground beef and pancetta.