© Stephanie MeyerThere is no better midnight dinner than this one. Period. End of discussion.
Spaghettini with Arugula, Pancetta, Herbs and Eggs

© Stephanie Meyer

There is no better midnight dinner than this one. Period. End of discussion.

Sometimes my wife and I eat early with the kid, then head out to a 7 p.m. event that features some horrifically crappy food that we barely pick at, mostly out of fear. We don’t want to fall asleep! We don’t want to talk too much to strangers! So we come home, pack off the sitter, walk the dogs, hang up the clothes, and we are starving! In a quick search of the fridge I grab the ingredients we always, always, always keep on hand for just this reason. The carbonara riff that is obviously at play here makes this a classic, but the fried egg gives it some savvy late-night stoner-food street cred. The over-the-top nature of the whole thing means that what started as a small treat for when we were hungry late at night quickly became a superb family dinner.

Sometimes I serve the fried eggs individually over each portion, allowing each diner to stir in their own egg. But lately I love making this family style, frying 4 or 6 eggs in a 12-inch skillet and sliding the giant mass over the center of a 14-inch bowl holding the pasta. It’s crucial to fry the eggs in butter over high enough heat to brown the edges of the eggs and heat the yolk through. Don’t skip that part, because the brown butter from the pan is a major part of this dish.