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Lasagna with Mushroom Ragù and Prosciutto Cotto
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This 24-layered pasta masterpiece from Danielle Glantz, chef and owner of Pastaio Via Corta, a pasta shop in Gloucester, Massachusetts, consists of a hearty mushroom ragù made with both dried and fresh mushrooms; a creamy, onion-infused béchamel; and salty slices of prosciutto cotto, layered between handmade sheets of pasta. "The pasta sheets are like silk—it's something special to share with the people you care about most," says Glantz, who likes to spread this project recipe out rather than making everything at once. "I suggest spacing out the recipe over a couple days. Make the ragù, then make the béchamel, and the morning of, make the pasta." When rolling out the pasta, be sure to use flour very sparingly. If you use too much it can dry the dough out very quickly, and the dough will become very hard to work with. Be sure to let the lasagna rest for 30 minutes before cutting into it. The ragù and the béchamel can be made up to 3 days ahead, and the pasta can be made 1 day ahead.
Onion Béchamel
Instead of rushing through the béchamel for her epic lasagna, chef Danielle Glantz of Pastaio Via Corta opts for a long, slow simmer, allowing the rich, thick white sauce to become infused with the flavor of a halved onion that becomes meltingly tender as the sauce cooks and thickens. This rich sauce can be made a day ahead and refrigerated in airtight container; reheat slowly over low heat, adding a splash of water to loosen, if needed.
Vegetarian Lasagna “Bolognese” with Plant-Based Meat
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This faux lasagna Bolognese delivers all the comforting flavors of the Italian classic, thanks to layers of richly seasoned plant-based meat and a quickly simmered marinara. Cheesy spinach and tender zucchini pack in even more vegetables, which get an extra umami boost from plenty of parmesan. If you’ve never cooked with plant-based meat before, trust your instincts and your eyes; it browns as it cooks, just like ground beef.
Not Up for a Big Thanksgiving Turkey? Lasagna Is the Answer
Lasagna at Thanksgiving is a longtime Italian-American tradition. It just might become yours, too.
Three-Cheese Lasagna with Roasted Red Peppers and Mushrooms
To create a vegetarian lasagna that’s packed with flavor (rather than watery and bland), start by roasting mushrooms and red peppers with a quick garlic-infused oil. While the vegetables are cooking, stir together a quick ricotta filling with plently of Parmesan for extra umami. Using no-boil lasagna noodles and good-quality store-bought tomato sauce cut down on cook time without sacrificing taste.Related: More Lasagna Recipes
Woven Lasagna with Prosciutto and Fresh Spinach Sauce
Weaving the pasta sheets in this lasagna allows the outer pieces to bubble and crisp in the oven around the creamy, rustic prosciutto-ricotta filling. Don’t skip the fresh pasta sheets; their length and texture are key to weaving together this show-stopping dish.To ensure that the pasta dough yields two long, even sheets, this recipe makes a bit of extra dough to allow for generous trimming. Reroll the scraps and cut into enough fresh noodles for a light meal for two. The lasagna needs to set up in the refrigerator for at least six hours and up to a day; the assembled lasagna may be frozen and thawed in the fridge before slicing and roasting. The spinach may be blanched in the pasta water and the spinach sauce may be made up to a day ahead. Once the lasagna has chilled, it takes mere minutes to heat and serve this stunning, cover-worthy recipe, making it ideal for a dinner party. For a version without prosciutto, see Note.

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Après-Ski Lasagna
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As we soar into Salt Lake City, Utah, my boyfriend Tom is looking through one of the plane’s tiny oval windows toward the snow-capped mountains, noting weather conditions in anticipation of a weekend shredding powder. Meanwhile, I’m checking for a Wi-Fi signal so I can find a grocery store where I can shop for our après-ski meals.Early spring ski trips with friends are kind of a thing for Tom and me. Tom and said friends are accomplished skiers. I am not. My strength in the group is serving as chef for the weekend. So before I strap into ski boots and ascend the mountain, I’m thinking about the details of the feast to follow. Last winter, in a cabin outside of Park City, Utah, I made an old-school lasagna that was such a hit everyone emailed me after the trip demanding the recipe.You’ll find no handmade pasta or béchamel sauce in this lasagna. When cooking in a remote locale, I take pleasure in such conveniences as a box of noodles and a can of tomatoes. And instead of that classic combination of ground beef, pork, and veal, I find that Italian sausage flavored with fennel seeds and other Italian seasonings makes up for the fact that I’m simply not going to buy several jars of dried herbs of unknown freshness at peak prices while on holiday. But fresh basil brings brightness, sliced mushrooms lend earthiness and toothsome texture, and ricotta delivers the creaminess between the layers.Since you’re eating Italian food in an alpine setting, what better wine to pair with this casual lasagna than an Alpine Italian red. These rustic wines typically have lively acidity and a medium body to play well with the richness of the dish. So check a bottle of Nebbiolo from Valle d’Aosta or Nerello Mascalese from Mount Etna.When cooking for famished friends in a kitchen of modest means, the key is to make hearty food that satisfies a crowd and can either be made ahead or pulled together quickly after a long day on the slopes. Build the lasagna the night before so all it needs is an hour or so in the oven while your crew showers up. (This is a great strategy not only for ski vacations, but for busy weeknights, too.) Then you’ll have a comforting meal that’s eaten in long johns and Wigwams, with full wine glasses, in front of a crackling fire.
Chorizo-and-Goat Cheese Lasagna
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This flavorful lasagna is loaded with spicy chorizo and tangy goat cheese. Slideshow: More Lasagna Recipes 
Fast-and-Easy Curried Vegetable Lasagna

This is my personal favorite lasagna. The creamy curry sauce will remind you of butter chicken. Adjust the amount of chile flakes for more or less heat. Slideshow: More Lasagna Recipes