Lasagna, pasta casseroles and stuffed shells all come to mind when we think of baked pasta, but just about any noodle can be cooked in the oven. We love this baked orecchiette with pork gravy and red wine-tomato sauce, topped with plenty of Parmesan and baked until it's crispy on top. This dish doesn't have a ton of cheese so it's a bit lighter than traditional baked pasta. If you love stuffed pastas like cannelloni, try this baked rigatoni—it comes together in no time at all. Cooked pasta gets tossed with a mixture of ricotta, Parmesan, nutmeg, fontina and spinach before it gets baked to golden brown perfection. Find a recipe for any occasion in F&W's guide to baked pasta.
Apres Ski Lasagna
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Fast-and-Easy Pesto Lasagna
Fast-and-Easy Pesto Lasagna
1 hrs 10 mins