Rice Noodles

Rice noodles are common in Asian cuisine, and are also popular in the United States since the noodles are gluten-free. We love them in soups, salads and stir-fries like pad Thai, but one of our favorite recipes is for lemongrass beef rolls with rice noodles. Grilled steak, spicy carrots, rice noodles, fresh herbs and crunchy bean sprouts serve as the flavorful filling for lettuce leaves. Vietnamese-style soups, such as this comforting riff on chicken noodle, feature a rich broth, chicken dumplings, snow peas and fresh cilantro, which come together beautifully with rice noodles. Get these recipes and more in Food & Wine's guide to rice noodles.

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Pad Thai with Shrimp
Using shell-on shrimp ensure that the shrimp stay succulent during the quick-fire cooking that happens in a hot wok. If you prefer shelled shrimp, use them instead—but watch carefully as you cook to be sure they shrimp don’t overcook. Slideshow: More Thai Recipes 
Pad Thai with Pressed Tofu
If you can find pre-sliced pieces of pressed tofu at the market, all the better. It will save so the trouble of slicing the tofu yourself. Slideshow: More Thai Recipes 
Pad Thai with Chinese Chives
Chinese chives are available in every Asian supermarket. In a pinch, you could use the thinner, more commonly available chives available in most grocery stores. Slideshow: More Thai Recipes 
Pad Thai with Chicken
All the enticing flavors of traditional pad Thai are in this recipe. It also includes quick, stir-fried chicken to up the protein quotient. Slideshow: More Thai Recipes 
Pad Thai with Cashews
Sweet, tangy and spicy, this pad Thai hits a range of flavors. The cashews replace the traditional peanuts, a great alternative for those with peanut allergies. Slideshow: More Thai Recipes 
Rice Noodles
These warming dishes include crisp Asian salmon with bok choy and rice noodles and lemongrass-barbecued pork with rice-vermicelli salad.