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Farro Mafaldine with Black Truffle Butter and Mushrooms

“The best way to cook with truffles is as simply as possible,” says chef Karen Akunowicz, of the Northern Italian restaurant Fox & the Knife in Boston. Bold in scent and flavor, black winter truffles require very little coaxing to lend their heady punch to a dish, though Akunowicz does recommend using a bit of gentle heat, which helps develop and release their deepest flavor, as in this elegant-yet-hearty dish, which pairs creamy butter, nutty farro pasta, and a fortifying mix of wild mushrooms with just enough truffle to elevate each forkful. Black truffle paste, available year-round, melts beautifully into the buttery sauce, but when they’re in season (November through February), Akunowicz recommends splurging for fresh black truffles, and using a rasp grater to get as much truffle goodness as possible into each perfect bite.

Butternut Squash Tortelli

Butternut squash, roasted until tender and golden brown, offers a sweet and earthy balance to the creamy butter sauce draping the pasta. Crushed amaretti cookies add a welcome almond flavor and a lightly crunchy texture to the creamy filling. This generous recipe is easily halved. For a shortcut, substitute wonton wrappers for the fresh pasta and reduce cook time as needed for al dente results.

Not Up for a Big Thanksgiving Turkey? Lasagna Is the Answer

Lasagna at Thanksgiving is a longtime Italian-American tradition. It just might become yours, too.

Fresh Capunti Pasta

You don’t need a pasta maker to craft this handmade pasta from Puglia (the heel of Italy’s boot). Instead, roll out ropes of dough, cut them into segments, and use your fingertips to create peapod-like dimples in each piece. Food stylist Veronica Spera, who shares her version of the pasta in an episode of Chefs at Home, uses both robust semolina flour (traditionally used in dried pastas) and delicate Type “OO” pasta flour (typically used in fresh pastas) to create a balance of tenderness and bite. The divots in the pasta make this shape especially good at catching sauce, so toss the pasta as shown here, with a few dollops of pesto, peas, lemon zest, and plenty of Parmigiano-Reggiano, or pair with your favorite sauce.

Turkey and Butternut Squash Lasagna with Crispy Sage

Each layer of this next-level lasagna leans on Thanksgiving leftovers in a smart way to bring big flavor to the table. Leftover sautéed mushrooms jazz up the creamy béchamel, while mashed butternut squash provides a smooth contrast to the hearty turkey filling flavored with leftover gravy and Parmesan, and pan-fried sage leaves add an elegant twist. “I love Thanksgiving leftovers, so I still want my leftovers dishes to embody those Thanksgiving flavors,” says chef Sara Grueneberg, who shared this recipe. “I call for roasted butternut squash, but if you make a great roasted sweet potato dish for the big event, those leftovers would be perfect in this lasagna.”

Mashed Potato and Ham Agnolotti in Turkey Bone Broth

“After eating such heavy food on Thanksgiving, it’s nice to have something lighter the day after,” says 2020 F&W Best New Chef Tavel Bristol-Joseph. His delicate agnolotti, filled with leftover mashed potatoes and ham, feature a smart shortcut—store-bought fresh lasagna sheets—served in a broth made from leftover turkey bones. Store-bought fresh lasagna noodles make a smart shortcut, letting you focus on filling and forming the agnolotti. (This is the perfect task for entertaining family and engaging idle hands.) Both the pasta and the savory broth freeze beautifully, so you can stock your freezer and enjoy this dish weeks after Thanksgiving.

More Pasta + Noodles

Raclette-Gruyère Mac and Cheese with Pickled Shallots

Inspired by älplermagronen, Alpine farmers’ macaroni, this Swiss twist on a Thanksgiving classic gets rich flavor from Gruyère and a lush creaminess from Raclette. Traditional versions of this dish are served with applesauce; as a nod to that flavor play, we’ve added some shallots that are quickly pickled in apple cider vinegar to balance the cheesy richness.


F&W Best New Chef and winemaker Maria Sinksey’s family recipe for spaetzle, a rustic, ribbony egg-enriched pasta, is steeped in family tradition. Prepared in a bowl, the dough is tipped over a pot of boiling water then quickly cut with a hot knife, allowing the dough pieces to drop into the pot one at a time, guarding against sticking. It takes a little more finesse than more modern methods, but the resulting pasta holds up well during sautéing, the final and most crucial step. Be sure to preheat the skillet before browning the spaetzle; the hot butter gives each piece a golden-brown crust that’s irresistible.