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Chilled Soba Noodle Salad with Yuzu Dressing

As the summer approaches, I like to turn to lighter refreshing vinaigrettes to dress noodles and salads. Using the ready-made jams and marmalades found in Asian supermarkets, we can build a huge variety of dressings for chilled noodles that pair excellently with a variety of vegetables creating a dish that is anything but the generic "Asian-style noodle salads" we see across the US. Instead, we'll bring yuzu honey concentrate, yuzu kosho, and ponzu, as true East Asian ingredients that help punctuate yuzu's lively fruit flavors that inspired this fusion dish in the first place. Note: the tea looks like marmalade. Like tea leaves, hot water is added to make tea.

Chilled Sesame Noodles

There's good reason to believe that cold sesame noodles were first brought to New York 40 years ago by chef Shorty Tang at Hwa Yuan in Chinatown. Since then, chilled sesame noodles have been a ubiquitous part of Chinese takeout. At Junzi, sesame noodles have been one of our signature dishes since we opened, thanks to a deeply flavorful, carefully layered sesame sauce made of pure sesame paste, aromatics, and fermented tofu. Finish off the dish with chile oil and it's a classic-but not like one you've had before. 

Creamed Corn Pasta

Fresh corn melts into a creamy sauce that clings to every cranny of this pasta from Victor King of The Essential in Birmingham, Alabama. Any short noodle, like gemelli or casarecce, will work here. Using a vegetable peeler to shave the corn kernels is key to this summery dish: The peeler cuts juicy pieces of fresh corn while leaving rich and creamy corn milk behind to add body and flavor to the sauce.

Cacio e Plantain

Mildly sweet and super creamy, caramelized plantains and nutty Parmesan form a silky sauce that drapes over spaghetti in this recipe by game-changing chef Eric Rivera. Choose very ripe plantains, with a mostly or completely black peel. Cilantro stems add a pop of crunch and freshness along with their tender leaves; chop them finely for the garnish.

Pancit (Filipino Stir-Fried Noodles)

At the Filipino gatherings of my youth, you could always count on ample amounts of pancit, a noodle stir-fry seasoned with oyster sauce and fish sauce. Pancit recipes vary, but they tend to take shape based on whatever you toss in the wok. The goal is not to get a crazy hot sear, but simply to get everything warmed through and cooked. Without the savory crunch of fried garlic, my kitchen wouldn't be the same. Though labor-intensive, this cooking method produces a ridiculously crispy, garlicky fried garlic. Plus, you'll end up with a batch of garlic oil to use in other dishes.

More Pasta + Noodles

Squid Ink Mafaldine Pasta with Uni Butter

Briny, savory uni butter makes a delicious way to dress freshly cooked pasta—especially when you finish the dish with Boudet's extra-smoky take on the nutty Egyptian condiment, dukkah. If you can't find uni at your favorite fishmonger, it's also available online. And if you can't find any squid ink pasta, use any pasta shape you'd like. The dukkah makes more than you'll need for this recipe, so save the extra to sprinkle over grilled or roasted vegetables, or enjoy as a topping for any green or grain salad.

Creamy Vegan Pasta with Greens, Peas, and Lemon Zest

Quickly blanched greens and sizzling scallions and garlic meet in a surprisingly creamy vegan sauce for pasta, with a touch of white miso for added depth. Feel free to top with your favorite grated plant-based cheese, or just enjoy it all on its own.

Teff Tagliatelle with Niter Kibbeh

In traditional Ethiopian niter kebbeh (spiced clarified butter), whole spices, like nigella, coriander, and cardamom, are bloomed in clarified butter, or ghee, and then strained; here, chef Yohanis Gebreyesus leaves the toasted spices in to add texture to this simple but luxurious sauce for pasta made with earthy, fragrant teff . Don’t skip on resting the dough—it prevents the pasta from cracking apart when rolling and boiling.