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Biang Biang Noodles

For Jing Gao, owner of the cult Sichuan food company Fly by Jing, making these fresh hand-pulled noodles, doused in garlic, ginger, chile, and cumin, is as natural as breathing. A final pour of sizzling-hot oil is all you need to bloom the flavor of the seasonings. Watch Jing make this dish (and more!) in her episode of Chefs at Home.


F&W Best New Chef and winemaker Maria Sinksey’s family recipe for spaetzle, a rustic, ribbony egg-enriched pasta, is steeped in family tradition. Prepared in a bowl, the dough is tipped over a pot of boiling water then quickly cut with a hot knife, allowing the dough pieces to drop into the pot one at a time, guarding against sticking. It takes a little more finesse than more modern methods, but the resulting pasta holds up well during sautéing, the final and most crucial step. Be sure to preheat the skillet before browning the spaetzle; the hot butter gives each piece a golden-brown crust that’s irresistible.

Creamy Tomato Rigatoni

A judicious amount of heavy cream enriches this simple tomato sauce, producing a lush texture that clings to the pasta without blanketing richness. Crushing the canned tomatoes by hand creates a rustic mixture of tomato pulp, pieces, and puree. This recipe is inspired by sommelier Derrick C. Westbrook of 1340 Beer Wine Spirits in Chicago, who named it his ideal dish for pairing with wine. “My first restaurant job was at an Italian restaurant; I’d ask the pasta cook to mix red sauce with a splash of cream, a riff on vodka sauce," he says. "I still love creamy tomato sauce on short pasta, paired with juicy, fresh red wines like Zweigelt or unoaked Cabernet Franc that offer just a touch of funk and medium acidity.”

Spaghetti with Mussels, Squid Ink, and Breadcrumbs

Commonly sold as squid ink, cuttlefish ink lends its signature deep black hue to this dish and coats every strand of spaghetti with its briny, mineral-rich taste. A simple mussel puree provides a mild, delicate seafood flavor and creamy richness. The recipe was one prepared by Copenhagen chef Christian F. Puglisi at a week-long culinary retreat at Rocca delle Tre Contrade in Sicily.

Hand-Rolled Busiate

The semolina dough for these hand-rolled noodles has a slightly higher ratio of water to flour, resulting in a tacky dough that rolls smoothly. If chilling the dough overnight, let it come to room temperature before rolling. Busiate, named for the reedy stalks of grass that were first used to shape this pasta, are easy to make with a little practice—and a chopstick. At the week-long cooking class he taught at at Rocca delle Tre Contrade in Sicily, Copenhagen chef Christian F. Puglisi served the Busiate with Pork Ragù.

Busiate with Pork Ragù

Heritage pork is a through line in a week-long cooking class taught by Copenhagen chef Christian F. Puglisi at Rocca delle Tre Contrade in Sicily. For his pork ragu, which he serves with Hand-Rolled Busiate, marinating the pork overnight results in a meltingly tender meat sauce. If you can’t source shank, trotter, or pork belly, season 70% lean ground pork and skip the the grinding step.

More Pasta + Noodles

Spicy Sausage Pasta with Tomatoes and Squash

Added just minutes before serving, thinly sliced squash melts into the pasta without losing its shape and texture. Use a mandoline to achieve wafer-thin slices

One-Pot White Wine Pasta with Mushrooms and Leeks

This creamy, savory pasta dish comes together in just one pot—no need to boil the pasta separately. A combination of savory sautéed mushrooms and gently sweet leeks combine with cream, lemon juice, and white wine to create the rich sauce. Feel free to switch up the flavor by adding tarragon instead of dill. Related: More One-Pot Recipes