OXO's Airtight Pop Containers Will Instantly Organize Your Pantry—Grab Discounted Sets in This Rare Sale

Prices start at $23.

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OXO Pop Containers Sale Tout


We all need a set of food storage containers, especially when it comes to the pantry organization. But, finding the right ones can be tricky. They need to be air-tight, clear, and stackable.  One of our favorites for the job are  the OXO Pop Containers

These slim, low-profile, stackable, tight-sealed containers have been a dry food storage staple for shoppers for years now. And they're always hard to find on sale. But right now, they are. OXO is slashing the prices on tons of its Pop container sets, from smaller 3-piece options to fully stacked 20-piece collections to add to your kitchen stat. Shop nine of the brand's best deals now, with prices starting at just $23. 

Best OXO Pop Container Deals

When it comes to pantry storage, you may as well grab a set of containers instead of individual ones. Having the same style makes it easier to store ingredients, since everything is in the same shaped container for easy stacking. All the OXO Pop containers are made with BPA-free plastic, plus they’re latch-free, so there’s no exterior bulk. They open with a button on the top of the container. 

You just press it, and the lid will pop up. They’re also all square, so they’ll fit alongside one another with ease, and they’ll fit into cabinet corners nicely. 

3-Piece POP Container Variety Set


To buy: OXO 3-Piece Pop Container Variety Set, $33 (originally $43) at oxo.com

Starting with a simple three piece set is a good idea if you just want a few to add to your collection or try out. This three piece set comes with a variety of sizes, from a long 1.9-quart container, to a 1.2-quart container, both of which will house pasta, snacks, loose teas, and more. You’ll also get a smaller 0.4-quart container perfect for keeping spices, small portions of sugar, or even baking soda or baking powder. 

POP 4-Piece Mini Container Set


To buy: OXO 4-Piece Mini Pop Container Set, $23 (originally $32) at oxo.com

For another small set, this four-container option is perfect for housing spices. You’ll get all the same 0.2-quart containers, making them ideal for keeping whole seeds or dried herbs. 

But they’re not just great for food, they’re great for kitchen supplies too, like candles, small bag clips, rubber bands, or maybe kitchen twine. 

6-Piece POP Container Set


To buy: OXO 6-Piece Pop Container Set, $56 (originally $84) at oxo.com

Right now you can also score mid-range five-piece, six-piece, and eight-piece sets. This six-piece set is the perfect choice for bulk storage. It has three large 4.4-quart containers, which will hold anything from flour, to oats, pasta, sugars, cereal, and any other grains or snacks. 

These sets also come with scoops to place in each container for easy access. They attach seamlessly to the bottom of the lids, so you don’t have to worry about them getting lost in whatever ingredient you’re storing. 

20-Piece POP Container Set


To buy: OXO 20-Piece Pop Container Set, $230 (originally $310) at oxo.com

For the most well-rounded, full-bodied set available on sale, your best bet is the 20-piece option. It has a container for virtually every need you might have. 

Many of the containers vary between square or rectangular shapes, which will help store different shaped ingredients or fit into different parts of your space more easily. 

If you didn’t find the set you’re looking for already, there are more on sale on OXO’s website.  For a well-rounded pantry fit for the rest of the year, shop other discounted sets on sale below, or check out OXO’s full Pop Container range.  

8-Piece POP Container Baking Set


To buy: OXO 8-Piece Pop Container Baking Set, $68 (originally $104) at oxo.com

3-Piece POP Container Value Set


To buy: OXO 3-Piece Pop Container Value Set, $33 (originally $45) at oxo.com

10-Piece POP Container Set


To buy: OXO 10-Piece Pop Container Set, $113 (originally $151) at oxo.com

5-Piece POP Container Set


To buy: OXO 5-Piece Pop Container Set, $55 (originally $72) at oxo.com

5-Piece POP Container Set


To buy: OXO 5-Piece Pop Container Set, $50 (originally $72) at oxo.com

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