Can a Pan Really Make Your Pasta Taste That Much Better?

Meryl Feinstein of Pasta Social club says yes.

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Making pasta at home can be tricky, especially if it’s from scratch. I, for one, recently ended up with a dog coated in flour after attempting some ravioli. But for Meryl Feinstein of Pasta Social Club on Instagram, it all looks so easy. From colorful farfalle to sunburst ravioletti to green garganelli, her pasta creations are beautiful, and surely taste just as good, if not better than they look. 

Whether you’re making pasta from scratch or just using dried pasta, there’s one thing Feinstein recommends adding to your kitchen, above all else: this pan. And the good news is, it just so happens to be 20% off at Amazon right now.

 OXO Good Grips Tri-Ply Stainless Steel Pro 3.5QT Covered Saucepan


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Technically called a saucier, Feinstein loves using this pan from OXO for finishing pasta in its sauce. “In Italy, they have these aluminum pans, where you finish your pasta or risotto. You’re really looking for a pan with tall sides, so when you’re tossing your pasta, it doesn't go all over the stove,” Feinstein says.

This pan from OXO fits the bill and then some. Not only is it lightweight, which makes it easy to move around, it also has rounded walls, which is essential for quick movement, a key ingredient to delicious pasta, according to Feinstein. “When you’re adding pasta water, cheese, and other fat, you really want to agitate your pasta as much as possible, so pasta is well coated in its sauce,” she says. 

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Food & Wine / Meryl Feinstein

And while this pan only holds 3.5-quarts, for Feinstein, the smaller the better. “A pan like this is great for smaller portions because it gives you more space to maneuver your pasta,” she says. 

This pan also comes with a glass lid and works on any stovetop. It even has measurements inside so you don’t have to get another dish dirty if you’re making something like risotto or rice.

But if you’ve felt that your pasta sauce hasn’t been as good as you’d like, it’s worth snapping up this pan from OXO. At 20% off, it’ll make your next pasta night better than ever. 

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