Professional Cleaners Say This $9 Brush Set Works for ‘Everything,’ Including Tough-to-Reach Kitchen Areas

You can get a set of two for just $9.

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OXO Good Grips Deep Clean Brush Set

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Cooking is an inherently messy activity, and no matter how well you clean, there may always be a stain in the tile grout, or a little dough left over in an extruder attachment. But if you like things clean, almost spotless isn’t acceptable. You’ll want even the toughest stains to be wiped up.

Thankfully, Amazon shoppers have stumbled on just the thing to make their kitchens spotless. According to reviewers, this set of brushes from OXO can clean “everything” in the kitchen, even the hardest to reach areas. And they’re just $9 total.  

OXO Good Grips Deep Clean Brush Set


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The set comes with just two brushes in total — one with a .825-inch head and another with a .625-inch brush — but they’re designed to cover every part of your kitchen. Both have bristles made with nylon, which the brand says helps with durability, and handles that are made from silicone, which make them easy to hold, even when they’re wet. According to the brand, the small brush is great for fixtures and tight spaces, like the inside of kitchen gadgets. The small brush also has a little blade on the bottom you can use to remove particles from tight spaces, like an espresso machine, for example. 

As for the large brush, the brand recommends using it on tile grout, stovetops, and more. It has an angled head, which makes it ergonomic. But it also has a thumb pad on the back of the head, so you can really apply the elbow grease to remove tough stains. 

It’s no wonder this brush set has already racked up over 21,100 perfect ratings at Amazon, with shoppers praising it for its ability to get into tight spaces, its durability, and its sturdiness. One shopper wonders why they didn’t buy them sooner, writing, “They clean very effectively and have proved to be quite durable.” They add that the brushes are “excellent for getting into small cracks.”

If you’re wondering what these might be good for in the kitchen, Amazon shoppers aren’t short on ideas. One writes that they use them to “clean [their] juicer parts and many additional kitchen gadgets.” 

A second person loves these brushes for cleaning their waffle iron. They write, “I have had a heck of a time cleaning my waffle iron and finally this product works. The silicone tip on the one end is especially nice for getting those black burnt pieces out!” A third shopper, who cleans houses for a living, can’t find a place where these brushes don’t work. They write emphatically that they “work for everything!” 

Whether you’re tackling a cleaning project that’s big or small, you need these brushes in your home. Add them to your cart today for just $9. 

At the time of publishing, the price was $9.

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