The Best Drinks Our Editors Had This Year

We’re sharing our favorite drinks of 2022, from cocktails to coffee.

Dante's Hot Smoked Toddy

Giada Paoloni

As far as drinking is concerned, this year has been fantastic. With so much momentum in the drinks-sphere, we celebrated our 2022 Drinks Innovators of the Year, highlighting distillers to non-alcoholic trailblazers alike. And, we also highlighted the 11 Drinks Trends That Dominated 2022

The same can be said for what our editors are loved this year, drink-wise. There have been a lot of lovely drinks and sips that have been the highlight of our year. We've rounded up some of our editors' favorite drinks from the past year, whether it was a spin on a morning brew, a fun take on bubbles or a delightful nightcap. Join us in a toast to the drinks that made 2022 a bit more memorable.

Once Upon a Paris Bar at Sidecar Bar, Westbury Hotel (Dublin, Ireland) 

“The entire cocktail menu at Sidecar is based on riffs of classics, playing off traditional tasting notes but adding a bit of creativity. The Once Upon a Paris Bar is an updated take on the traditional Sidecar, substituting Cognac for Irish whiskey. This addition gives the cocktail a bit more body and the inclusion of pear juice and simple syrup cuts the acidity that's usually so prevalent in a Sidecar. The extra touch that makes this drink stand out is the honey dusting on the rim of the glass that adds a touch of sweetness.” — Sean Flynn, Senior Editorial Director 

Buccan's Bathtub Gin

In House Creative

Bathtub Gin at Buccan (Palm Beach, Florida)

“This cocktail would be easy to skip over when scanning the menu — nothing about it seems out of the ordinary or particularly special. However, this riff on a French Gimlet tastes much more sophisticated than it reads. The citrusy notes of the gin are amplified by sweetly floral St. Germain while the acidity of fresh lemon juice pulls it into balance. For a refreshing and fragrant finish, cucumber and basil round out the drink, making it the perfect pairing to any dish on chef Clay Conley’s menu.” — Paige Grandjean, Associate Food Editor

Calamansi Martini at Supanniga Eating Room (Bangkok, Thailand)

“The rooftop views overlooking the Chao Phraya river in Bangkok certainly don't hurt, but it's the deliciously tart and fragrant fresh calamansi juice-spiked martinis that make me so eager to return to Supanniga Eating Room. Each one comes garnished with thin rounds of the small bright green and orange citrus fruit floating in the perfectly balanced and refreshing drink. It's not fine strained, so luscious bits of calamansi pulp mingle with the botanical gin and slightly bittersweet lime juice. It's a punchy, barely sweet drink with a gentle kick. My favorite way to enjoy a riverside sunset.” — Kelsey Youngman, Food Editor

Iced Café at Edith’s (Brooklyn, New York)

“This super refreshing, Brooklyn-viral slushie of tahini, oat milk, and cold brew is the best thing I drank this year, just like it was last year, when Edith's Sandwich Counter opened up a few blocks from my apartment. There have been weeks where I drink it every day, and I'm not ashamed. It's creamy, caffeinated, and just a little sweet – what more could you want in a beverage? Edith's has become my go-to spot for all things Jewish comfort food.” — Maria Yagoda, Senior Editor

Miel de Maguey at Adiõs (Birmingham, Alabama)

“After two years of pandemic, it seemed that America was ready for a stiff drink. 2022 was the year of the martini, no question, with bartenders presenting martinis flavored with everything from smoked salmon to pasta water. My favorite martini of the year was the Miel de Maguey cocktail from Adiõs, a new bar in Birmingham from José Medina Camacho and Jesús Mendez that's inspired by Mexico City culture and cocktails. Their tequila-based martini riff includes raicilla (a wild-fermented agave spirit), two kinds of dry vermouth, and celery bitters, and is served with a garnish of pickled nopales. It's my new favorite way to ease out of the workday.” — Karen Shimizu, Executive Editor

Potter's Old Fashioned at Martiny's (New York, New York)

“Martiny’s is a Japanese-style cocktail lounge in a gorgeous historic carriage in New York’s Gramercy neighborhood and they serve an out-of-this-world Old Fashioned. The Potter’s Old Fashioned is not your everyday version of the classic cocktail; it features Maker’s Mark that has been washed with nutty browned butter, an infusion of spiced chai, rich palm coconut sugar, and an excellent bitters blend. The result is a smooth, unctuous Old Fashioned with deep notes of toasted butter and sweet spice. Plus, the cozy and charming atmosphere at Martiny’s only adds to the experience.” — Lucy Simon, Editorial Assistant

Dante's Hot Smoked Toddy

Giada Paoloni

Hot Smoked Toddy at Dante (New York, New York)

“I don’t usually love hot cocktails, but I ordered the Hot Smoked Toddy at Dante on a whim, and I’m so glad I did. Marmalade adds just a touch of sweetness to the drink, which is garnished with a clove-studded orange peel. It’s a more fragrant and smoky rendition of the classic cocktail, while nailing the balance of bitter, sweet, and herbal flavors. If every Hot Toddy tasted like this one, I'd drink them year-round.” — Merlyn Miller, Social Media Editor

Thai Tea at Peppermint (Royal Palm Beach, Florida)

“As far as Thai tea is concerned, I can confidently say that I have never been disappointed. And the Thai tea at Peppermint is my closest and dearest friend that I keep going back to. Sweetened condensed milk, black tea, and tamarind go together like magic…This drink really means so much to me.” — Alexandra Domrongchai, Editorial Fellow

Autumn Fizz at Momofuku Ssam Bar (New York, New York)

“Momofuku Ssam bar has shapeshifted and evolved with the times, and while I'll never quite stop missing the vibe of the old location, there's still tons to love about the menu. It shouldn't come as much of a surprise that I've had a lot to drink this year, but I haven't forgotten a truly delightful cocktail I had at Ssam Bar this fall called the Autumn Fizz, which was made with chamomile rye, apple brandy, milk punch, and persimmon soda. I don't typically go for rye-based cocktails, but combined with apple brandy and milk punch, this cocktail was every sort of soul-soothing. The persimmon soda added a wonderful touch of acid and welcome balance.” — Oset Babür-Winter, Senior Drinks Editor

Tuxedo Tails at Jewel of the South (New Orleans, Louisiana)

“This drink lured me in with its combination of gin and manzanilla sherry; it sounded like a sophisticated variation on a martini that felt right for the tree-filled back patio at Jewel of the South. But it was the over-the-top garnish assortment that prompted me to order a second round. The drink is served alongside a glass dish filled with ice and topped with a lemon peel, a cocktail onion, an olive, and a pickled quail egg. My friend suggested I add all the garnishes to the drink immediately, and then save them to eat last, after they had a chance to soak up the flavors of the crisp cocktail. It was elegant and special, just what I wanted on a warm September night in New Orleans.” — Chandra Ram, Associate Editorial Director

Amiga Date Cuenta at Matilde Mi Amor (Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico)

"I’m a sucker for a foamy drink with a punch and this tequila and mezcal cocktail from the cocktail masters at Matilde Mi Amor certainly delivers. Thanks to aquafaba it has that body I love and with the help of jamaica (hibiscus), a classic Mexican ingredient, it’s got a bit of a pucker and a lovely dark pink hue that makes it as nice to look at as it is to drink. To top it all off a touch of sesame seed oil gives it a hint of umami and rounds out the flavors. The tongue-in-cheek name is also a win for me, “amiga date cuenta” translates to a subtle way of telling a friend that they need to lift the clouds from their eyes and see the truth (particularly in their love life). And while I’m not sure what your love life might look like, I will say amigos, dense cuenta—this is a drink worth adding to your list." — Sam Gutierrez, Senior Social Media Editor

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