Oreo Is Launching a Limited-Edition Cookie That Comes Stuffed With Other Oreos

It's extremely meta.

Oreos have been on supermarket shelves since early 1912, before Charlie Chaplin glued on a fake mustache and appeared on camera; before anyone had actually seen the South Pole; and before travelers could even imagine airport delays — or airports. And over 100 years later, it’s still delightful when they roll out new flavors, like last year’s triple-creme Neapolitan version or its seasonal Snickerdoodle. And earlier this week, the cookie brand announced the imminent arrival of another limited-edition flavor, called The Most Oreo Oreo. 

This variety, which Oreo describes as “so meta,” takes two chocolate-flavored “basecakes” — its name for the top-and-bottom cookies — and puts an extra-large, ‘Most Stuf’ amount of creme filling between them. But instead of the standard creme, this version has actual bits of Oreo in it. 


Courtesy of OREO

The Most Oreo Oreo is also being used to launch The Oreoverse, its online metaverse experience, where Oreo aficionados can play cookie-themed games and try for the chance to win a grand prize of $50,000. (And that kind of cash can buy a lot of Oreos.) The Oreoverse can be accessed in the virtual reality game Meta Horizon Worlds using a Meta Quest 2 or Meta Quest Pro headset, or through the website OREOVERSE.OREO.com

"We're so excited to enter the metaverse! Oreo is the cookie that begs to be played with, and we love to create new opportunities for our fans to connect with each other and share that playful spirit," Julia Rosenbloom, an Oreo senior brand manager, said in a statement. "The Most Oreo Oreo cookie gives fans a whole new way to playfully engage with us. By scanning the pack, they will 'dunk into' the new Oreoverse world."

Another person who's presumably hyped to start dunking into the Oreoverse is Martha Stewart. The undisputed Queen of, well, a little bit of everything, is going to be making her metaverse debut by checking out the Oreoverse. Stewart, along with her longtime friend and head gardener Ryan McCallister, will be visiting the Oreoverse for the first time on Monday, January 30, at 10:00 a.m. (If you want to see Stewart give this a shot, you can watch live on the @Oreo Instagram account or on Oreo's Facebook page.) 

"I am excited to make my metaverse debut in partnership with one of my favorite cookie brands, and having Ryan there with me will make it all the more fun," Stewart said. "The two of us have had our fair share of adventures over the last 10 years and have been able to navigate just about anything together, especially in the garden!"

The Most Oreo Oreo cookies are currently available for presale on Oreo.com, and they will be available at retailers nationwide starting on January 30. Also, we're guessing that if you time-traveled your way back to 1912 and read that sentence to a stranger, the only word they'd understand was "Oreo." 

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