Old Bay Seasoned Goldfish Are Back

This time, even Lisa Loeb wants them to "stay."

Goldfish is bringing back one of its most beloved flavors ever, along with a 1990s musical icon to help spread the word. 

In 2022, Goldfish dropped the limited-edition Old Bay Seasoned Goldfish. And holy moly, did fans go wild for it. After the flavor sold out, fans made their love of the flavor known via thousands of social media posts and even a Change.org petition begging the brand to bring it back. And, Goldfish agreed to resurrect the flavor once more, but this time, with a new jingle created by none other than Lisa Loeb, who also happens to be a mega-fan herself.

OLD BAY Seasoned Goldfish crackers

Courtesy of Goldfish

"I am a big Goldfish fan," Loeb told Food & Wine via email. "There is just something so special about this limited edition offering."

Goldfish tapped Loeb to remix her '90s anthem “Stay (I Missed You)” to include all of the hilarious Instagram messages, tweets, and Facebook comments from people asking for the Old Bay flavor to return. 

"I’ve always loved playing around with lyrics to classic, familiar songs, especially when it’s such a clever twist," Loeb shared. "'Stay (I Missed You)' is a song that is very precious to me. My fans and I take it so seriously. It is also iconic enough that it can handle some lighthearted humor, which is really what we are doing with 'Stay (We Missed You Old Bay Goldfish)' for the return of Goldfish fans’ most loved limited edition flavor."

Sadly, like last time, the Old Bay Seasoned Goldfish crackers will only be back for a limited time. Fans can snag a bag (or 10) throughout the month of May in retailers nationwide for about $3.69 while supplies last. Can’t find any bags? You can also purchase a two-pack on mccormick.com/goldfish.

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