Sunflower Seed

Salted sunflower seeds are a popular snack, but these seeds can also be used to make oil and margarine—and they make a tasty, protein-packed addition to salads and slaws. We like to use sunflower seeds in non-traditional ways, like this brilliant spin on risotto. The seeds replace Arborio rice, prepared in a pressure cooker so they soften. Like any traditional risotto, this recipe calls for plenty of cheese and gets bulked up with baby peas and diced ham. Another ingenious way to use sunflower seeds is in creamy vinaigrette, made with za'atar, Greek yogurt, lemon juice and olive oil. It's super easy to make—just toss everything in a blender and serve over your favorite salad. Get these recipes and more from F&W's guide to sunflower seeds.

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Sunflower-Seed Brittle
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Fromager Tia Keenan of New York City's Casellula Cheese & Wine Café pairs her crunchy sunflower-seed brittle with 5 Spoke Creamery Tumbleweed cheese (available from or other semi-firm cow's milk cheese, like sharp cheddar.Plus: F&W's Cheese Guide