Flax Seeds

Flax seeds are rich in omega-3s, protein and B vitamins, and have a mild, slightly nutty flavor. We like to add flax to baked goods like banana bread, cookies and muffins, but whole flax also tastes great in homemade granola. One of our favorite ways to eat flax seeds is in peanut butter chocolate chip cookies. This recipe calls for making your own flax seed meal, which can also be added to smoothies for a nutty flavor and nutritional boost. Whether you want a healthier recipe for breakfast muffins or want to step up your flax seed game, F&W's guide has all the recipes you need.

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Flax Seed

From a banana-walnut bread with flax to a flax seed granola parfait, here are some healthy and delicious flax seed-based recipes.

Flax Seed Granola Parfait

This flax seed granola parfait calls for healthful, homemade flax seed granola, but in a pinch store-bought granola will do. Slideshow: Granola Recipes 

Baked Flax Seed Granola

Store-bought granola is always expensive, and never as fresh as granola you can easily make at home. Slideshow: More Granola Recipes