Seeds are an incredibly important of our diets—they’re the main source of human calories and protein, and also provide cooking oils, beverages and spices. Seeds include grains, legumes and certain types of nuts, and vary widely in size and shape. We especially like to use pumpkin seeds, chia seeds and sunflower seeds when we’re cooking because they’re super versatile and are an easy way to add nutrients and protein. Seeds can be turned into creamy vinaigrettes, crunchy brittle and homemade granola bars. Whether you prefer flax seeds or cumin seeds, F&W’s guide has a recipe for every occasion.

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Toasted Pumpkin Seed and Árbol Vinaigrette

Toasting the pumpkin seeds and the chiles gives this versatile sweet and savory dressing from Sqirl in Los Angeles a wonderful smoky and toasty flavor. Slideshow: More Pumpkin Seed Recipes 

Sunflower Seed Recipes

Whether you want to try a new take on classic risotto or add crunch (and protein) to a simple salad, these recipes featuring sunflower seeds are perfect for any occasion.

Poppy Seed Recipes

Almond-poppy seed granola, poppy seed cake and lime-scented poppy-seed rice pudding with mango are only few of the many delicious recipes featured here.

Flax Seed

From a banana-walnut bread with flax to a flax seed granola parfait, here are some healthy and delicious flax seed-based recipes.

Eat Like a Bird With These Amazing Seed Recipes

I may be a fan of rabbit food (hello, vegetable-forward cooking!), but this spring I am particularly excited about eating like a bird—specifically, a seed-eating bird. Sunflower seeds, millet and flax seeds can all be found in birdseed blends, but why should you let your feathered friends have all of the fun?  

Sesame Seeds

From nori granola to rainbow falafel, all these amazing recipes include sesame seeds.

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Chia Seed Recipes

Use chia seeds to add an interesting flavor and texture to some of your favorite classic recipes.

7 Ways to Cook with Seeds Instead of Planting Them

Whether toasted, pureed or raw, seeds are a great way to add a rich, nutty flavor to dishes. Here are seven recipes that use seeds in genius ways.

Mayan Pumpkin-Seed Dip

This supereasy, thick pumpkin seed spread from the Yucatan, called sikil pak, might just be the new guacamole—it seems to be on Mexican menus all over the US. This orange zest-scented version comes from Bandalero in Washington, DC, owned by Top Chef finalist Mike Isabella. Slideshow: Amazing Party Dips