Hazelnuts are often paired with chocolate, but these nuts can also be used to make milk and flour. Toasted hazelnuts make a crunchy addition to almost any dish, whether they're sprinkled on a salad or tossed with roasted veggies. We love hazelnuts because they work well in sweet and savory dishes—added to earthy pasta dishes, blended into vinaigrette or baked into biscotti. If you like Nutella, try Grace Parisi's chocolate-hazelnut cheesecakes. With just a handful of ingredients, she bakes these two-bite treats by making a hazelnut-cookie crust for the creamy Nutella filling. Whether you're looking for something sweet or savory, F&W's guide to hazelnuts has all the recipes you need.

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Best Hazelnut Recipes
Whether you're looking to add a little crunch to your favorite dishes or nutty flavor to any dessert, hazelnuts are the perfect addition. We've compiled a short list of our favorite recipes including a hazelnut-and-chocolate meringue cake, hazelnut-crusted pork chops with morel sauce and more.
Hazelnut Chocolate Bars
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These supersimple little nutty homemade candy bars from blogger Molly Yeh are satisfyingly chewy and sweet. They come together quickly in a food processor. Slideshow:  More Dessert Bar Recipes 
Raspberry-Hazelnut Macaroons (Haselnussmakronen)
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These German raspberry-hazelnut macaroons require just five ingredients and are extremely no-fuss. Says Berlin-based blogger Luisa Weiss, “You just throw the dough together, heat up some jam and you’re almost there.”   Slideshow:  More Cookie Recipes 
Toasted Fazzoletti with Chanterelles and Hazelnuts
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Pugliese peasants used to make pasta from burned wheat. Now, chefs are toasting flour to give pasta a rich, nutty flavor. Chef Chris Pandel creates handkerchief-like squares and serves them with butter-sautéed chanterelles. Slideshow: Great Vegetarian Pastas