Coconut water, milk and oil all have numerous culinary uses, and the white coconut meat can be used fresh or dried, often in baking. We love to use coconut milk in spicy curries, creamy soups and fragrant desserts, and coconut oil is great for sautéing vegetables, making popcorn or baking cake. For a stunning dessert that packs coconut flavor in every bite, Joanne Chang's Bundt cake is our favorite. Shredded coconut and coconut milk are added to the batter, coconut milk is used to make the frosting, and the cake is garnished with toasted coconut flakes. Whether you're looking for a tropical cocktail or a spicy entrée, F&W's guide to coconut has these recipes and more.

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Our Favorite Recipes That Start with a Can of Coconut Milk
Sweetly scented coconut milk adds creaminess and depth to everything from chicken-and-rice to luscious cake.
Coconut Cream Recipes
Coconut cream is an excellent way to add flavor to desserts like chocolate truffles and chocolate cream. Whether you're looking for a classic coconut cream cake or non-dairy dessert ideas, these sweet recipes featuring coconut cream are sure to be a hit.
Coconut Flour Recipes
Use coconut flour to make gluten-free recipes such as a carrot cake, granola bars, lemon cookies, tropical fruit smoothies and much more.
Coconut Oil Recipes
Coconut oil is an increasingly popular ingredient and can be used in everything from a shrimp stir-fry to a chocolate cookie recipe.
Coconut Milk
These spectacular recipes for coconut milk include delicious curries, creamy soups and terrific desserts.