Raw almonds make a tasty snack, but are even more delicious when turned into sauces and vinaigrettes, French toast, stir fry and shortbread. Try something different by adding chopped almonds to lamb meatballs—the nuts, along with mint and cumin, bring a Middle Eastern flavor to an otherwise standard dish. To preserve authenticity, serve these meatballs over couscous or rice (though we think they're pretty good in a sandwich). Almonds also make a great addition to sweet brunch items and desserts. One of our favorite treats is Andrew Zimmern's almond and orange cake, which he tops with poached plum compote and whipped cream. The cake itself has just a handful of ingredients, and perfectly demonstrates how well almonds pair with citrus. Get these recipes and more from F&W's guide to almonds.

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Spiced Candied Almonds

Inspired by the candied nuts sold at carts throughout New York City, these not-too-sweet toasted almonds have a great crackly shell.  Slideshow: More Almond Recipes 

Cashew-Almond Dukka

This nutty Egyptian spice blend from Christopher Bates at FLX Table in the Finger Lakes is our go-to garnish for roasted vegetables, rich braised meats and grain dishes. It’s also great with olive oil–dipped bread. Slideshow: More Almond Recipes 

Almond Butter Recipes

Use almond butter for more than a toast-topper with these decadent recipes, from healthy smoothies to chewy chocolate-cherry cookies.

Almond Flour Recipes

From savory almond flour-crusted chicken piccata to sweet almond flour fudge brownies, here are Food & Wine's best almond flour recipes.

Almond-Coconut Orange Cake

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This easy and supermoist coconut-macaroon-like cake is a new Parisian classic. Slideshow: More French Dessert Recipes 


These nutty, nutrient-rich recipes include a beet salad with candied Marcona almonds and smoked almond brittle.

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#FWCookbook Tip: Toasty Grated Almonds

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