Nuts & Seeds

Nuts and seeds are a smart, nutrient-dense option when you need fuel with great flavor. You can sprinkle them over yogurt or oatmeal in the morning to add crunch and they both make delicious alternatives to peanut butter (actually a legume) when blended up. Or upgrade a bowl of soup or a salad for dinner with a small handful. Food & Wine gives you the best recipes that feature seeds and nuts in brittles, salads, desserts and more.

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Best Hazelnut Recipes

Whether you're looking to add a little crunch to your favorite dishes or nutty flavor to any dessert, hazelnuts are the perfect addition. We've compiled a short list of our favorite recipes including a hazelnut-and-chocolate meringue cake, hazelnut-crusted pork chops with morel sauce and more.
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Cashew Recipes

Cashews are native to Brazil, but are widely used in Indian, Thai and Chinese cuisine. Try sautéing cashews with okra, bok choy or green beans for a protein-boosting side dish, or bulk up take-out style chicken chow mein or Kung pao shrimp. Whether you’re craving dinner or dessert, here are our best cashew recipes.
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Coconut Cream Recipes

Coconut cream is an excellent way to add flavor to desserts like chocolate truffles and chocolate cream. Whether you're looking for a classic coconut cream cake or non-dairy dessert ideas, these sweet recipes featuring coconut cream are sure to be a hit.