Skip The Chip Clips—This $11 Bag Sealer Has Taken TikTok by Storm

It’s like a hot glue gun, for chip bags.

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NOBVEQ Mini Bag Sealer Tout

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For my entire life, I have struggled with resealing bags. Whether it was bags holding loaves of bread, cereal, or chips, I’ve never been good at wrapping things up, or the more I think about it, even remembering to wrap things up. Clips come in handy, but I feel like there are never enough to go around. So for the most part, things go stale in my home pretty frequently. 

Feel the same way? Well there’s a new gadget in town, and it might just save your bacon (literally). This bag sealer promises to help keep food fresh, and it’s just $11 with an on-site coupon at Amazon right now. 

NOBVEQ Mini Bag Sealer


To buy: Nobveq Mini Bag Sealer, $11 with coupon (originally $16) at

This little gadget looks like one of those mini staplers I stabbed my fingers with repeatedly throughout grade-school. It’s battery-powered and essentially heats up plastic, melting it in order to reseal the bag. The brand says that there is no preheating required; it’s ready to go almost immediately. And, in addition to a side that heats up plastic, the reverse side comes with a tiny retractable blade so you can easily reopen the bag after resealing it.

It already has over 2,400 perfect ratings on Amazon, and TikTok is taken with it, too. In one video, a reviewer is shocked by how well it works when they go to seal a plastic bag. They tried it with chip bags, hot chocolate bags, and it even sealed through a bag filled with water. They call it a “must-have” if you’re looking for an alternative to bag clips.

One reviewer on Amazon adds to this, writing, “Ditch the drawer full of bulky chip clips. No more running out of clips. Took a little practice but I love this little sealer. I don’t even have to look for scissors to reopen the bag because it comes with a little blade.”

Skip your next restock on chip clips — this $11 bag sealer is the perfect way to keep your food fresh for longer. 

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