Ninja's Creami Ice Cream Maker Keeps Selling Out, but It's on Sale at Amazon

I scream, you scream, we all scream for the Ninja Creami.

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Ninja's Creami Ice Cream Maker Keeps Selling Out, but It's on Sale at Amazon

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With summer approaching, you might have started to hear the ice cream truck’s familiar tune circling your neighborhood more frequently. But this year, instead of chasing the truck down the block every time you have a craving for soft serve, why not make your own? 

Ninja Creami ice cream makers have been all anyone’s talking about on TikTok recently. In fact, the machines are so popular it keeps selling out. But right now the Ninja Creami is finally back in stock on Amazon, and it’s even on sale. 

Ninja NC301 CREAMi Ice Cream Maker


To buy: Ninja Creami 7-in-1, $180 (originally $229) at

The Ninja Creami is one of the most versatile ice cream makers out there. While there is a new model called the Ninja Creami Deluxe, which features a total of 11 settings to make an even wider range of frozen desserts, it was so popular it is currently completely sold out. However, if you’re still craving homemade ice cream, the 7-in-1 model is perfect for the job, and at 21% off, it’s all you need for delicious frozen treats. 

This model has seven different functions that can churn out regular and lite ice cream, gelato, smoothie bowls, sorbet, and milkshakes. Plus, the additional mix-in function can be used to add more ingredients like pieces of chocolate, nuts, or fruit to create customized flavors. The re-spin option allows you to keep churning the ice cream until you achieve the perfect creamy texture. 

The silver version is on sale right now, but it also comes in four additional colors, including blue, red, rose gold, and white. It comes with two pint containers so that you can make and store multiple ice cream flavors. 

Our Associate Commerce Editor Mary Lagroue has been using the 7-in-1 Ninja Creami for nearly a year. She loves that most of the ice cream makers' recipes consist of a simple combination of milk, heavy cream, cream cheese, sugar, and vanilla — plus other ingredients can be added for extra flavor. Some of her favorite desserts to make in the Ninja Creami include frozen yogurt and fruit sorbets. 

“You can open a can of pineapple or thaw a bag of frozen fruit in the refrigerator, fill up a pint, and let it freeze,” she says, adding that you just need to plan ahead slightly because the ice cream maker’s pint container needs at least 24 hours to freeze. 

She loves the Creami, saying that it “takes just minutes to make ice cream and milkshakes.” All you have to do is attach the blade to the pint, lock it into place, and press a button.

“I usually end up pressing the re-spin button to make it creamier because it’s common to get a powdery texture at first. Still, it’s a quick process, and the parts are dishwasher safe, which makes it even better,” she says. 

This summer treat your family to the joys of whipping up frozen treats at home. Grab the Ninja Creami while it's still on sale — and since these ice cream makes are in such high demand, this might be your only chance. 

At the time of publication the price was $180. 

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