The pizza company may soon develop robotic pizza delivery. 
zume pizza truck
Credit: Courtesy of Zume Pizza Inc.

The future—with all the advanced technology that it promises to provide, from flying cars to vacation on the moon—is full of wonder. Some people think the robots that will inevitably emerge in the years to come will overpower humanity and take over our society. But what if they just ended up delivering pizza? Zume pizza, which already employs five pizza-making robots named Pepe, Giorgio, Bruno, Marta, and Vincenzo, wants to answer that question.

The California-based pizza company recently received $48 million dollars in funding, money that may go to expanding its repertoire to automated pizza delivery. At the moment, their pizza robots merely help in the assembly and cooking process of the pizzas, doing tasks like spreading pizza sauce and taking the pies in and out of the oven, according to Tech Crunch. Humans, thankfully, still take care of the more complex parts of the job, like conducting taste tests.

Their operation is still small, but Zume—just short of their $50 million goal with this new round of funding—hopes to be able to deliver pizza (with or without the help of robots) to entire Bay Area by 2018. As Food and Wine reported over the summer, back when Zume sold their first robot-made pizza, the robots are actually making food that tastes good. The pizza company seems to full of innovations: Back in March, Zume reinvented the traditional pizza box so your pizza doesn’t get soggy.

The benefits of having your pizza delivered by a robot are numerous: It would always be on time, and would arrive quickly, most likely. It wouldn’t need to be tipped (unless the robots become sentient, in which case, sorry, we have to start paying them). The downside? Striking up a friendly conversation with your pizza man as he delivers your midnight snack never gets old. Robots aren’t known to be engaging conversationalists—at least not yet.