The creepy candy concept promises a "rotten" flavor in every bag.

Credit: © Marc Mateos/Getty Images/Mars Inc.

This year’s Halloween is so 2018. Apparently, all the cool kids are already looking ahead to Halloween 2019. Or at least that’s the case with Skittles. We’re still weeks away from going door-to-door saying “Trick or treat,” but the candy brand has already announced an off-kilter new product slated for next year… Though to be fair, this forthcoming item sounds like it might be worth the wait: Zombie Skittles.

What exactly turns a pack of Skittles into its “Zombie” variety? Well, the flavors are all given scary new names: Petrifying Citrus Punch, Mummified Melon, Boogeyman Blackberry, Chilling Black Cherry, and Blood Red Berry. But as the package explains, you’ll find one other frightening surprise inside: “Most taste delicious but some taste like Rotten Zombie. Dare to try?”

The whole thing sounds a bit like Jelly Belly's BeanBoozled game—which mixes disgusting flavors like rotten milk and vomit into otherwise tasty jelly beans—or Doritos Roulette—bags that contained the occasional painfully spicy chip. However, in the case of Doritos Roulette, we all instantly know what a super spicy chip will taste like and Jelly Belly's descriptions are of realistically revolting flavors. How does a candy taste like “Rotten Zombie”? Skittles apparently plans to keep that secret in the bag for another 12 months or so. Clearly, making a Skittle taste bad isn’t too tricky: The world is full of gross flavors. But what does a “Rotten Zombie” even taste like? Also, aren’t all zombies kind of rotten? Do fresh or nice zombies exist? And if so, what do they taste like—other than the opposite of a rotten zombie?

These are the questions we are apparently left to ponder until next Halloween, at which point Zombie Skittles will apparently be available in $1.89 Share Size bags, $2.49 Lay Down Bags, and $2.99 Fun Size Bags. That is assuming this whole thing isn’t just one big trick instead of a treat.