It will not be like Bourdain's, according to MTV. 

Zac Efron Travel Show
Credit: © Alberto E. Rodriguez / Getty Images

Zac Efron, the actor most recently known for the film Dirty Grandpa, is getting his own food travel show on MTV—one that, according to the network, "explores how food has moved to the center of millennial culture."

"The project will look beyond the extravagant and obscure in cuisine to explore the artistry, storytelling and journeys in what we eat and the issues and experiences surrounding what we find on our plates," per the MTV release.

The documentary special, which does not yet have a name or release date, will be inspired by Efron's experience with and appreciation for travel and food, according to MTV president Sean Atkins, in an interview with Mashable. (Efron will also be an executive producer on the show.)

"It's not necessarily about the cuisine—like, Oh, I ate pig guts or, wow, this is the best steak I've ever had. It's more about the cultural impact of food for our audience," Atkins told Mashable. "[Efron is] really passionate about it. He's so excited about it."

Is this the first celebrity food show to explore the millennial angle of food culture? It just might be. We're excited to see where Efron goes with it.