The subscription service says its food is fresh, plant-based, and preservative-free.
baby food
Credit: Courtesy of Sonya Yu for Yumi

If you want your baby to eat as fresh as you do—but you don't want to clean up her diapers and the food processor, as TechCrunch points out—a new California-based baby-food delivery service may be for you. Yumi launched today, the website reports, and it's offering parents baby food that's organic, plant-based, low in sugar, nut-free, soy-free, and dairy-free, just to tout a few of its good qualities.

According to its website, cofounder Angela Sutherland came up for the idea behind Yumi when she—as a new mother—couldn't find what she considered to be "fresh, nutritious, and yummy food" for her growing baby. So, with the help of cofounder Evelyn Rusli—as well as a board of medical advisors and investors including Brand Foundry, NEA, DropBox, WordPress, and Casper—Sutherland launched the brand.

The service starts at $50 a week for six meals and goes up from there. (You can snag discounts, however, if you sign up for a subscription plan.) Each meal is prepared in a Yumi kitchen, TechCrunch reports, and then is delivered to your doorstep in an insulated container and ice packs to keep the meals cool and fresh for your baby.

Of course, those prices aren't exactly inexpensive—especially when compared to the prepared baby foods you might be able to snag at your local grocery store. But those foods also have something Yumi's don't: preservatives.

Yumi's basic (i.e. least expensive) plan includes everything from pureed black beans to butternut squash and carrot, while it's more expensive offerings are a bit more exotic—think: sweet potato with red bell pepper, apple, chard and quinoa, or blueberries with spinach, coconut milk, quinoa, banana, chia seed, dates, spirulina, and wheat germ oil. Admit it: If you order these meals, your baby will more adventurously than you do.

For now, Yumi only delivers in California, and it's unclear whether Yumi will expand to other states. Another food delivery company, Thistle, recently launched it's own baby food subscription service in California as well as Nevada earlier this year.