Some major food brands are offering up slow-burning cooking clips to serve as your 2017 virtual yule log.

burger yule log
Credit: pink_cotton_candy / Getty Images

The ability to turn your television set into a virtual yule log has been around since the days of VHS tapes. And now that all our devices are connected, screens of any sort can instantly be turned into a fireplace replacement from your big screen to your smartphone. But seeing as anyone can post videos to sites like YouTube, the yule log loop field is surprisingly crowded, so some enterprising food brands are looking for ways to lure in eyeballs with humorous yule log alternatives. Yes, for 2017, you have at least two new food-focused yule log videos to plop on the TV during holiday parties.

Yesterday, the fast food duo Carl’s Jr. and Hardee’s added a “Charbroiled Yule Log Fireplace” for each brand to YouTube. The four-hour clips promise the chance “to enjoy the crackle of 100% Charbroiled Angus Beef” instead of your typical fireplace sounds, suggesting that a flame-grilled burger is a more exciting backdrop for opening Christmas presents.

But a pair of fast food chains weren’t the only ones pushing the idea of swapping a traditional yule log with something more edible yesterday. If you’re looking for a more vegetarian yule log replacement, the good people at Real California Milk also added a new video to the web: a Real California Cheese Yule Log. “This holiday season, sit back, relax and watch this Real California cheese yule log melt over an open fire,” the dairy organization suggests. As an added bonus (or maybe not), unlike the Carl’s Jr./Hardee’s beef yule log, the approximately hour-long California cheese video features some equally cheesy instrumental Christmas muzak to accompany all that sizzling.

Of course, neither of these brands are the first to offer up food alternatives to traditional Yule logs. Back in 2012, meat brand Applegate offered up their Bacon Yule Log on YouTube. Meanwhile, this “Yule Dog” video—over two-hours of a hot dog on an open flame—from 2015 is delightfully simple. But as well all know, these kinds of trends tend to happen in waves: With a couple weeks left before Christmas, a food yule log fit for vegans would seem to be inevitable.